Reviews by Sky Yoshimura

Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts Collector's Edition

Fast paced hidden object mystery

This is ANOTHER dark and ghostly, orphaned child mystery game. Seriously, what's with all the orphaned children? I found this game to be fairly easy and was able to complete it in 2 hours in Casual Mode. The hidden objects were medium sized and not too difficult to find. The tasks were placed close together so there wasn't a lot of running around. I enjoyed going back and forth between the past and the present, but that was the only unique aspect to the game. After you complete the story, a bonus chapter is revealed. Unfortunately, it was at this point that the game crashed and all of my progress was lost. While the game was engaging, it was so easy, I can't really say it was worth the cost. Maybe played in Expert Mode or the inclusion of the bonus chapter would make it worthwhile.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Mar 18th 2012


Something for everyone

This is a cute little game that intertwines match 3 puzzles, hidden object scenes and tasks all wrapped up in a story about Grandpa Joe's farm. You also get to earn money to renovate and decorate the farm so there's a bit of a sim feel to it too. I enjoyed all of the different types of puzzles in this game, especially the tasks. The story scenes in between drag a bit, but there is an option to skip them. If you finish the game and decide to start on a second or third farm, you'll bypass the story altogether and just get the puzzles. An added benefit to continuing on, you'll also encounter some of the more interesting and difficult match 3 puzzles. Great value for the price.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jan 16th 2012

Pure Hidden

Are you up for the challenge?

Unlike other adventure/hidden object games, this one is just relaxing and interesting to look at. The artwork is unique and unlike anything I've ever seen in a h.o. game before. The puzzles in between have not been too difficult so far (some of them aren't really puzzles), but the hidden object scenes have been some of the most challenging I have ever played.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 31st 2011

Maestro: Music Of Death Collector's Edition

Interesting game

This is an interesting puzzle/hidden object game. The puzzles are generally not overly difficult. The hidden objects are a good size (good for elderly eyes) but that doesn't mean they are all easy to find. Every location is missing something so if you don't play this game continuously, it may be hard to keep track of what you need and where things go. The graphics are nicely drawn and the bonus level is a nice addition. Some of the scenes are dimly lit. Playing in a dimly lit room helps and also adds to the eeriness factor!

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 31st 2011

Rescue Team 2

Fast Time Management Game

When a tornado strikes the town, it's up to you to direct your rescue workers to save folks and clean up the mess. I really enjoyed this game. Each of the 50 levels can be completed in 5 minutes or less which means you can get a few games in even if you don't have a lot of time. It's fairly easy to get a silver rating for each level, but you need to be an ace at time management to get the gold. It's a simple little game, but still a lot of fun.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 28th 2011

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate: Collector's Edition

Good H.O. game

I enjoyed this hidden object game. The story was not complicated, but it was a decent length (about 45-50 scenes). I would rank the hidden objects at medium difficulty as there always seemed to be at least one or two items I had problems finding. The puzzles in between were fairly easy. There wasn't a lot of running around back and forth and figuring out what to do next was not difficult. Still, the game was challenging and engaging enough for me.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 26th 2011

Fiction Fixers: The Curse of Oz

Pleasant Fiction Fixers game

I played this in the Regular (not Expert) mode and found it to be somewhat easy to complete. The hidden objects were not too difficult and the puzzles in between were easy to moderate. The story was a decent length. It took me about 3 hours to finish without using any hints. Overall, a pleasant game. Probably much more challenging in the Expert mode.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 21st 2011

FBI Paranormal Case: Extended Edition

Average hidden object game

This was an average game with very little story. The second half got more interesting with some challenging puzzles. The hidden objects were easy to moderate to find and I was able to finish this game in about 3 hours. Oh yeah, and I would not say that the graphics were "incredible high definition" but they didn't particularly bother me.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 21st 2011

Antique RoadTrip USA

Nice variety

Besides the H.O. scenes, there are also games where you spot the differences between two pictures, find matching objects, find the item that doesn't match the others and jigsaw type puzzles. It's a decent length game for the price. Worth getting if you like these kind of puzzles.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 3rd 2011

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Good but too short

I really enjoyed this game. Basically you run around looking for things on your list. Then you have to figure out what they are for. Often times it's not what you think. The puzzles are very easy. Makes me think that this was designed with kids in mind. It is a very short game (only 8 chapters), but well worth what I paid, I thought.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Sep 15th 2011

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector's Edition

Another good MCF game

I enjoyed this Hidden Object/puzzle game. This was probably the most well produced MCF game I've played. It had a nice little story and some actual video footage. Figuring out what to do next wasn't always obvious. Since several scenes are searched multiple times, I spent a lot of time running around town, revisiting rooms whenever I got stuck. Luckily a journal, walk through and hints were there to help me out. The H.O. part of it wasn't too difficult; the morphing objects were much harder because you don't know what you're looking for. I finished the game in under 6 hours (using only a few hints). But if you take the time to actually hunt down all of the morphing objects, I could see how it would take you much longer. The behind the scenes extras were a nice touch.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jan 16th 2011

Mishap: An Accidental Haunting

Challenging Game

I really enjoyed this hidden object game. I thought the H.O. part was challenging, but not too difficult. The mini-games were very original. They were easy enough to complete, but challenging to do really well. Definitely one of the more interesting H.O. games I've played and well worth the $.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 24th 2010

Heart's Medicine - Season One

Basic Time Management Game

25 scenes and not too difficult mini-games made it easy to finish this game quickly and gather all the trophies. Little variation on the time management aspect of it. If you've played TM games before, you should have no problem getting through this one. It was worth the money for the one-time through, but I probably won't be replaying it again. If you try this though, make sure you have good mouse coordination or try playing the casual, untimed version.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Dec 24th 2010

Farmers Market

Nice time management game

The basic game play is very similar to other time management games. In Farmers Market, you set up stalls and direct your workers to run around and collect items so you can sell different kinds of food. The game doesn't change much as you progress through the levels; you are just given bigger goals. It is not as addicting as Burger Shop, but worth the cost, I thought.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Nov 13th 2010


Interesting, but short

I really enjoyed this game, but it was fairly easy and very short. If you enjoy h/o games, you'll finish it in less than a day. It's pretty good for a quick little game though. Plus, if you finish it, you can enter to win 10K.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Aug 30th 2009

Burger Shop 2

Great sequel!

Like the first Burger Shop, your job is to serve customers their orders in a timely fashion. But in this sequel, you're dealing with breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items as well as other odds and ends like giving a free shirt to the shirtless guy before he offends the other customers.

This version is more challenging and a lot of fun. The levels are very quick - great if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to play.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Aug 8th 2009

The Hidden Object Show

No game show lasts this long

This is a really long hidden object game. It was interesting because there were variations on the searching (ex. the clues would be silhouettes or you have to find the differences between two photos), but ultimately, the game dragged on so long that I got bored. I finished it just to see if anything interesting happened at the end. Nothing did.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jul 24th 2009

Rooms: The Main Building

Interesting puzzle game

This game is like a souped up sliding tile game. Your goal is to get to the exit by sliding rooms (tiles) around in the correct order. The trick is some rooms have special functions or limited access. I really enjoyed this game. If you like games where you figure out sequences and puzzles, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jul 24th 2009

Sunset Studio Love on the High Seas

Search and find on a movie shoot

If you regularly play search and find games, this one will probably be pretty easy for you. I finished this one over the course of a weekend. Still, it was enjoyable enough that I played it again later.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jul 24th 2009

Youda Sushi Chef

Would you make a good sushi chef?

If you like service oriented games where you fill customer orders, you'll probably enjoy this one. Basically, people place an order for different kinds of sushi and you put it together. I enjoy this game because it requires you to remember what ingredients go into each roll (good brain exercise for aging folks like me!). The only problem I had was when my saved games were lost. One time I was up to level 6 and had to start all over. Very annoying.

by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Jul 24th 2009

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