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Escape Rosecliff Island Icon
Nice and easy.
by Brigid McKenna, Canada - Sep 15th 2010

This is a pretty easy Hidden Object game and the puzzles in between scenes are easy as well. I like it because it's fairly mindless and can be played while watching (or listening to the) TV. I also like the fact that you can unlock unlimited Match Three puzzles and Hidden Object scenes after finding a certain amount of padlocks throughout the game.

It's a slightly taxing game with lots of immediate gratification and no frustration. Having said that, I haven't gotten to the end yet so I don't know about the trouble-starting-the-boat that the other reviewer experienced. If I have trouble with that I'll let you know....:)

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Elythril: The Elf Treasure Icon
by Brigid McKenna, Canada - Sep 1st 2010

The graphics are cheap looking and the whole game feels old. The music is terrible. It's the same thing over and over. Monotonous. Boring. Definitely not worth the price.

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Lost in the City Icon
Loved it!
by Brigid McKenna, Canada - Jun 17th 2010

It took me almost 6 hours to get through the whole thing but I could have made it last for days. Cool story and a good variety of puzzles. More sophisticated than the average object finding game. Even the music didn't bother me and I almost always end up turning the music off in games. No voice acting but I can understand why. It's a Russian game and it probably would have cost a fortune to do voice acting in other languages. I was also surprised at how good the English text was. Really like this game and it's definitely worth the $10.

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Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas Icon
The KING of Mahjong games!!
by Brigid McKenna, Canada - Aug 15th 2009

Definitely one of the very best Mahjong games out there. It's a big, beautiful, multi-faceted game with sensitive response and so many choices of layouts, levels, dificulty etc. it's worth every penny. If you love Mahjong you must have this one.

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