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Believe the hype
by Wendi Dwyer, England - Jun 16th 2012

When I got an imac for the first time - it was just as this game was released. AS a point and click addict -my son read the reviews and bought me it to play on my new shiny mac.

I have to agree with all the other 5 star reviews - everything they said PLUS - I felt so emotionally engaged with these robots. They all had such personalities - which is an oxymoron I know - but few games engage me to th extent I actually felt a bit sad when it was finished. (Grim Fandango was another - and they were skeletons! :-).

Many good adventure games are lovely graphical, intellectual exercises - but this one has a soul - from the very beginning.

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Atlantis: The New World Icon
I LOVED this game
by Wendi Dwyer, England - Jun 2nd 2012

I will be buying it for my MAC - but played it years ago on a PC. I am delighted to find this available for my iMAC at last intsead of using emulators.

It's is a pint and click classic from the glory days of point and click history - as the three Atlantis games were.

The storyline in this game - the graphics and the gameplay are perfection for me. The storyline makes sense - the gameplay is challenging without being impossible - and some new takes on the traditional 'maze' were very engaging. There is also one small - but surprising and pleasing effect when you play a game with a metal 'person' in a tower.

I won't spoil it - but it made me laugh out loud with delight.

The Atlantis games were the series that made me passionate about adventure gaming.

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Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle Icon
A shock ending -
by Wendi Dwyer, Scotland - Mar 5th 2010

It is a step beyond most simpler Hidden Expedition games - with a slightly more challenging adventure format.

If you are a seasoned game player - you'll zip through this one fairly quickly.

It's graphics/characters and dialogue are all pleasant and wuite humorous in parts.

I really enjoyed my game play.

It went beyond simple find the object - yet wasn't demanding and immersive.

You could easily leave this one and come back to it later.
I have a fault in getting so immersed I play all night with some games.

Even very simple ones like Jewel Quest.

The end was shocking - and unexpected. REALLY unexpected -
It happened so quickly.

I thought I was only about half way throught he game!

The game comes to an abrupt end just as you feel you are getting into it - with that line hated by all gamers everywhere - 'to be continued'...

I can only hope it continues soon - I wan to play the whole game.

It's very unsatisfying to be unable to play to a natural conclusion.
Having said this - I will be buying the next installment when it appears.

Lots of fun.

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