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Ranch Rush

Great concept, poorly ported to Mac

I love this game?love it. Everything from the concept to the graphics and the storyline.

Unfortunately, on my Macbook with 2gb of RAM (not teensy, but not a gaming PC), Ranch Rush is painful to use once you reach the 8th level or so. It stalls, drags, the mouse gets seems like there are just too many graphics going on for it to handle, no matter how I tweak my configuration to free up memory to devote to it. This doesn't happen with any of my other Mac Games Arcade games, or Big Fish Games, who I think came up with RanchRush for PC and sold it to Fresh Games for Mac development?

Anyway, it's incredibly frustrating because it's so much fun! Perhaps they'll issue some kind of update.

by Maggie Shnayerson, USA - Apr 14th 2009
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