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Game won't play
by Annie Wun, USA - Jan 24th 2019

Freezes in the first seconds of the intro cutscene. voice and effects still play. crashes somewhere in the first half minute. tried several times. my demo time will be used up before i can even see what this game is! forget it. not worth my time.

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Perfect for me
by Annie Wun, USA - Jul 4th 2015

Quite enjoy building a community, planning ahead to meet future needs. I'm not much into combat games but this one has just enough to add challenge and take off the monotony. To be fair, i've never tried the multiplayer mode.

First bought this one years ago for a PCP Mac and disappointed when i had to upgrade to Intel that the game would no longer launch. So i'm pleased to find that i can get a working version thru MacGamesStore. Thanks guys.

My only gripe would be that i can play only in fullscreen mode. Can't even see my desktop clock, let alone switch to another application.

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Dream Chronicles Icon
by Annie Wun, USA - Sep 1st 2007

I quite enjoyed the demo, not knowing that I'd nearly completed the entire game. Can't believe I spent $20 on a game that plays for less than two hours. Second time through is so bor-or-or-ing. What a waste! And the ending just cries for a sequel . . . for which I'm sure I'll be expected to shell out another $20 - Forget it!

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