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Reviews by Oliver Norton

Syberia Icon
Not Perfect but a Beautiful experience.
by Oliver Norton, United Kingdom - Mar 11th 2014

The premise behind Syberia is bizarre, you play Kate Walker who has been assigned the task of obtaining a signature for the completion of a Automoton factory buy out. Unfortunatley this goes far from smoothly and an adventure ensues. This adventure takes you through some stunning locales that have more imagination packed into a square inch than many modern games have in their entire length.

There are annoyances though. Kates Boss, who is supposedly a high powered lawyer in New York, comes across as some sleazy night club owner, blarring how he wants results not excuses. In fact very charachter that phones kate along the way are either just plain rude or deeply flawed human beings. Most of the puzzles are fairly straight forward and it's unlikely you will get stuck, which helps the game flow, but at the same time robs it of any real challenge.

So why 5 stars if I have these gripes? Well quite frankly it is a one of a kind world and if you enjoy point and click adventures it absolutley must be played.

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