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One slightly irritating glitch
by misato29, USA - Mar 8th 2016

I really like this game, and I'm not normally an adventure game enthusiast. Im more in ot RPG or strategy. The only thing is that when the character you control walks, he/she flickers. There are a few rare occasions where, if they stop at a certain spot, the character disappears and you have to move a couple pixels to see them again.

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Another oldie but goodie for the Mac
by misato29, USA - Dec 10th 2015

Well, this has been one of the greats that I have missed ever since I switched from PC to Mac, and when I seen it on MacGamestore, I thought, hooray! Finally. Then my jay dropped. Another great oldie I would have snapped up in a heartbeat, if STEAM did have their dirty mitts on this one too. I won't be getting Homeworld then.

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