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Reviews by John Michael Croft

Excursions of Evil Icon
Not Mavericks compatible.
by John Michael Croft, USA - Dec 29th 2013

Well, at least they're straight up about not being Mavericks compaible. Pretty much means they've got no future. Hope that they put it back out as a different edition when they get their act together, so it'll show up as new.

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Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show Collector's Edition Icon
Will not launch
by John Michael Croft, USA - Dec 3rd 2012

Crashes while "loading". I don't know if it works on other models, but I can't recommend a game that doesn't even get to it's title screen.

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The Game of Life Icon
Crashed less than 5 minutes into the demo
by John Michael Croft, USA - Dec 2nd 2012

I ran into similar issues with Monopoly. This isn't ready for prime-time

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Monopoly Icon
Graphics missing, crashed twice in 30 minutes
by John Michael Croft, USA - Oct 8th 2012

Needless to say I am not converting this demo to a purchase.

It's not a bad game, but crashing isn't really a fun way to play monopoly.

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Wrrr Icon
Difficult to play
by John Michael Croft, USA - Sep 2nd 2012

Try the demo before buying. I found the controls difficult. Aside from the poor keyboard placement (left shift and r/f and arrow keys, ideal for all three of your hands), they weren't very responsive. It was difficult to get the character to jump accurately and it frequently caused death by not taking a "right + up" combo.

The graphics are good, and the story looks nice, but ultimately, it wasn't very playable for me.

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Avernum 6 Icon
Another great installment in the excellent series
by John Michael Croft, USA - Jan 28th 2010

Jeff Vogel has been creating CRPGs for more than a decade. Avernum VI is the latest installment of the long-running story of young adventurers exploring a unique underground world in crisis. Avernum is where the despotic empire long stuffed those people it did not want or could not control. In past installments one could fight the wars between the Empire and Avernum or the underground races and the struggling people. In Averum VI, the lizardlike Slith race is attacking while at the same time Mushrooms, the staple foodsource of the underworld, is falling to a blight.

Can you stop these twin threats to life underground? You start as simple soldiers and guards amd can either develop into the heroes of Avernum, or die.

Vogel's detailed, logical storylines, gigantic, highly detailed world and challenging tactical gameplay shine through and make this a game you can't finish in one sitting, but look forward to returning to play as soon as work, school and sleep allow.

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Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift Icon
You'll like it if it's the kind of thing you like...
by John Michael Croft, USA - Sep 6th 2009

It's a good implementation of the diner dash style game, except it takes place in a graveyard. Well executed and interestingly complex, but unless you enjoy that style of gameplay, eventually boring.

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Supercow Icon
Effectively unplayable on a G5 2x2.5GHz PowerMac
by John Michael Croft, USA - May 11th 2008

The game runs, but not is not playable on a really fast G5 with 4GB ram.

All the graphical transitions take minutes. I finally gave up and exited after 10 minutes (50 minutes remaining in the demo) and I still hadn't actually gotten through the intro BS to actual gameplay. Note that the gameplay portion of the the review refers to the fact that the game could not be accessed for more than 10 minutes from launch.

Developers need to either test on PPC or not provide universal binaries. This will not be a satisfactory gaming experience for anyone who isn't running intel hardware.

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