Reviews by shawn byrnes

Tasty Blue

Fun Family Game

I play this with my 7 and 12 year old grandsons.We like that you can grow real big by your fish eating smaller things than suddenly you are eating ships and planes and even people and buildings then suddenly you shrink down to a realy small fish that cannot eat anything.

This game you will want to play mindlessly over and over.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Nov 6th 2014
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Hobby Farm

Extreme Time Managment Game

Skip the long and boring opening story.There are numerous crops to grow and harvest.

Goats,sheep,chickens and peacocks have to be managed.The most interesting aspect is the complex machines which require numerous resources to produce many diffrent products like jam,juice necklaces and thread. Every night you have to chase off criminals who are trying to steal from you.

You might not want play this game all at once but may enjoy it long term and in smaller time frames over many months.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Jun 28th 2014
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Gotcha - Celebrity Secrets

Hidden Object with a twist

Play the free demo and you will get your fill of this game
You are given a scene with many people and must find specific people from a list.The concept of you being a up and coming pop gossip reporter wears rthin after the first few chapters.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Jun 28th 2014
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Paradise Beach

I cannot stop playing this game

This is my go to game for my idle hours.Doing the objectives to progress levels is fun. In addition i find myself changing and updating my resorts just for the fun of it.You can easily spend hours adding plants,bushes trees and updating the buildings and changing the walkways and paths throughout the parks.And just when you think its all done and perfect you have other ideas and destroy it all and rebuild.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Jun 25th 2014
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Diner Mania

Simple concept and repetitive

The game has four diners of various themes that you manage.The pace is fairly slow.The patrons are a mixture of regular and hoodlums.You are to mix hot peppers in the hoodlums food so they leave.The chasing off of the hoodlums is the most unique feature of this game. If you buy it onsale then its worth it otherwise dont bother

by shawn byrnes, USA - Jun 9th 2014
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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Family game

My 6yr old grandson and I played this together.I agree that the mini games are dumb,even the 6yr old would not play them.
The creature that narrated and followed you thru the game was really funny and helpful in guiding you. tells a story and you meet many interesting characters who all will help you if you do or find something for them
Some of the hidden objects were very small and some were blurry.
Overall its worth the time and money.A good game that has family friendly content and is fun to play.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Apr 20th 2014
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My Kingdom for the Princess

A Really Cute Fun Game

I enjoyed this simple silly game. The pace is fast and you have alot of tasks to complete.

The mini games are not very interesting.If you have some free time this game may be a fun way to make use of it.

by shawn byrnes, USA - Apr 11th 2014
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Wild West Quest: Gold Rush

Wild West Quest Gold Rush

Don't waste your money or time.Game is realy boring,and you can finish it in an hour.

The idea was great but the execution fell far short

by shawn byrnes, USA - Mar 15th 2014
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