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A real gem!
by inon30, USA - Jun 17th 2017

I played this game many years ago, but never really got into it. Now that I am older and approach to things slower, I get a chance to enjoy this. The graphics still looks sharp and pretty good for a 2008 game. The sound and the acting (especially the heavy fake accent) gives the game a comic / funny atmospher which I love. I still haven't played much, but I plan to spend most of my weekend enjoying this game.

There's a technical issue with resolution, but it's very easy to solve using a solution you can find in the comment section below (thank you guys!). Also, upon first launch, I was asked to download an update, the process was a bit weird, since I had to force quit a couple of times, but eventually, it worked.

Over all - I feel the $14 were well spent. And to whoever like old fashion RTS - GET THIS TITLE.

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Played the demo for 15 minutes
by inon30, USA - Jun 13th 2014

Fell in love instantly! The graphics isn't cutting edge but the gameplay is perfect, the maps are huge and the options are almost limitless. For $10 it's a steal. Anyone who loves RTS - GET IT NOW!

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