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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

A real gem!

I played this game many years ago, but never really got into it. Now that I am older and approach to things slower, I get a chance to enjoy this. The graphics still looks sharp and pretty good for a 2008 game. The sound and the acting (especially the heavy fake accent) gives the game a comic / funny atmospher which I love. I still haven't played much, but I plan to spend most of my weekend enjoying this game.

There's a technical issue with resolution, but it's very easy to solve using a solution you can find in the comment section below (thank you guys!). Also, upon first launch, I was asked to download an update, the process was a bit weird, since I had to force quit a couple of times, but eventually, it worked.

Over all - I feel the $14 were well spent. And to whoever like old fashion RTS - GET THIS TITLE.

by inon30, USA - Jun 17th 2017
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Machines at War 3

Played the demo for 15 minutes

Fell in love instantly! The graphics isn't cutting edge but the gameplay is perfect, the maps are huge and the options are almost limitless. For $10 it's a steal. Anyone who loves RTS - GET IT NOW!

by inon30, USA - Jun 13th 2014
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