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Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

Nice for former (or current) D&D nerds

The game has quite a number of nice jokes for people who have played D&D and the like. The story is also fun, and the game does not require a lot of intelectual capacity – meaning, you can easily play it for a couple of minutes after work to relax. Then again, for the very same reason it is not the game to fill your weekend with.

There is also a drawback: The game is not fully balanced towards the end, i.e., I spent quite some time in boring battles to level-up my characters so they could take on the final quests.

by groffelmoff, Germany - Feb 18th 2016
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Finding Teddy

More a piece of art than a game.

You walk through a dream world, having to find the way to your teddy, removing obstacles and opening doors on the way. The riddles are relatively simple, but they are not the main point - it is really more an electronic piece of art. As such, there is no direct communication, no direct tasks to finish (apart from getting to the teddy), and you will always keep wondering what is the meaning of everything.

If you ask me, it is a nice piece of art and I enjoyed it, but it is really just for one (though long) evening. Like going to a gallery.

by groffelmoff, Germany - Jan 29th 2016
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Craft The World

Not excellent, but not bad either

Craft the world reminds allows you to build your own dwarf fortress. However, as with most games that combine creating a building/city/empire with fighting, most of your efforts will have to go into preparations for those fights.

Most of the time, you will give general orders (mine here, craft that item, build a door here), and then one of your around 12 dwarfs will come and do the job. However, you can also control dwarfs individually.

The crafting system reminds quite a bit of Minecraft, although with less freedom. And it is a bit annoying sometimes (go to the raw materials page and draw the wood button to the crafting field, go to the gear page and draw the axe button to the crafting field - since one has to do quite a bit of item crafting, this can really become annoying in the long run).

A second problem is that the job distribution among the dwarfs is not really optimal, especially when you explore a larger part of the map and have more than a couple of dwarfs. E.g. you order to mine a coal field and a dwarf is standing idly next to it, yet a dwarf from the other end of the map is given the task. Admittedly, Craft the World is not the only game with such job management problems.

And finally, it can take quite long to progress, as there are regular tasks you have to fulfill (mainly, getting sufficient food for the dwarfs and fending of the occasional monster wave). Nothing against such regular tasks to keep the fortress running, but I don't think it was properly balanced.

However, although there are a couple of drawbacks, the game is still quite a bit of fun, and since you will spend most of the time giving tasks without micromanaging the dwarfs, it can also be quite relaxing.

by groffelmoff, Germany - Jan 16th 2016
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PixelJunk Monsters

Nice game to relax after work

PixelJunk Monsters is in principle just another tower defense game. The towers can only be built at special sites (the trees), which makes every level kind of a puzzle; in particular, if there are only few trees. The difficulty of the levels is well adjusted, not too simple to just walk through, yet not too hard to get frustrated. The comic graphics are quite nice, and sound and music fit well to the graphics. In conclusion, the game is nothing which will keep you playing the whole weekend, but due to its well adjusted difficulty and its comic style, it is a great way to relax after a long workday.

by groffelmoff, Germany - Mar 22nd 2014
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Tropico 3: Gold Edition

Nice to relax, but boring after short time

Tropico puts you in the position of the ruler of a small Banana Republic. The main aspect is the management of its economy.

Tropico is probably best played to relax. It does not demand too much management, the player can also just watch the events and only do little things himself. The soundtrack of some pseudo-Carribean music adds to this.

Ufortunately, the game has a major drawback: If the economy runs well, everyone is happy, if it is not, you are screwed. Anything else in the game is unimportant, rebells or political opponents do not matter much. Whilst this might be realistic, it is not really adding to the fun. For the same reason, the campaign mode is not really interesting: Each scenario is simply won by getting the economy running, and although the starting conditions are supposed to be different, one always needs the same strategy.

So, whilst it might be fun to play it a bit from time to time, it gets rather boring when playing it a couple of days in a row.

by groffelmoff, Germany - Nov 20th 2013
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