Reviews by R.A. Keller

American Civil War

A great game

I have found this game stable, but I can't say the same for my head - it's complex and deep, the sort of challenge that Paradox game fans will like. Thought different, AGEOD's system is a lot of fun once one gets past the learning curve - even with a considerable knowledge of the period in history.

by R.A. Keller, USA - Aug 10th 2011
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Rome: Total War™ - Gold Edition


A great game! Let's hope that the others in the series also come to Mac.

by R.A. Keller, USA - Jan 13th 2011
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World War 2: Time of Wrath

Not really bad, just frustrating

This is a great game that is a struggle to play. If Mac gamers long for an MS-DOS game, this is it. The naval orders are so poorly structured that it is a chore; that limits replayability in a WWII game, as Allies are heavily dependent on naval. The crash has not been a problem for me, but for some reason you have to enter the game code every time it launches, and it won't cut and paste from other programs. This could have been another great Panzer General type of game, but it isn't.
This is my first review, and just wanted to vent a bit out of the frustration of this game experience.

by R.A. Keller, USA - Sep 1st 2010
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