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Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collector's Edition

A little pricey but a really good game

Excellent story line, terrific graphics, not too difficult puzzles. I played this game on the most difficult level and found it to be just enough of a challenge. It would get 5 stars if it were $12, but at $20 I feel it's overpriced, hence only 4 stars from me.

by RichardIII, Canada - Oct 7th 2011
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Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny

Really well done.

I played this game on the PC and the Mac version is slightly better for graphics. A real fun game to play with challenging and engaging puzzles. There are excellent cut scenes and a good story. the puzzles make sense for the most part and there are plenty of terrrific locations. A must have for any adventure game player and well worth the price.

by RichardIII, Canada - Jun 4th 2009
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Destination: Treasure Island

Awesome game

This was a really, really enjoyable game. Super graphics, terrific story line, sensible puzzles, great user interface. What more could you ask for? Just download it and enjoy - a first rate game.

by RichardIII, Canada - Apr 14th 2009
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Secret of the Lost Cavern

Great game!

Just finished this game and it was awesome! Great graphics, excellent story and easy to play. Even I could figure out most of the puzzles. Well worth the money and certainly worth your time. I give a big 5 stars. i hope they put out more games just like this one.

by RichardIII, Canada - Apr 7th 2009
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Emerald City Confidential

A great deal at that price.

I really enjoyed this game. It is quite easy to play with puzzles that will not even slow you down,and if they do, the game has a built-in hint system that allows you to choose how much of a hint you need/want. The story was good (not great but good) and the graphics were also very good. It was fun to play.

by RichardIII, Canada - Mar 31st 2009
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Agatha Christie: Peril at End House

Best seek and find game I ever played!

This is a really, really well done seek and find game. It is a good example of how they could all be done. It has elements of a board game, an adventure game, a puzzle game and a seek and find game. It has a story that you follow and clues you must figure out how to use. Graphics are excellent, sound is excellent, it's all good. Enjoy!

by RichardIII, Canada - May 14th 2008
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Fairway Solitaire

An excellent game!

I must say that I was quite surprised by this game. There are even commentators - one of whom's accent is Australian - but so are his comments. It's really quite amusing. The mini games are a lot of fun and the main game itself is very addictive. If you like Golf, you will likely enjoy this game.

by RichardIII, Canada - Apr 5th 2008
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Rhem 3

Surprisingly challenging.

This is an excellent game! I have played other Rhem games and it wasn't until this version that I really got into it. This game is a real challenge in my opinion, but not so much so as to make you pull your hair out. It is really fun exploring this rather strange world and then discovering that you can manipulate that world if you are clever enough. I give it top marks for overall and game play, but don't trust my ratings for graphics and sound. I never listen to any music in any of these games, but this one doesn't seem to have any - and what it did have in terms of sounds was precious little. As far as graphics, this game has the usual Mac malady of having two resolutions - full screen and therefore somewhat grainy, or too small. That's it.

Overall - great fun.

by RichardIII, Canada - Mar 14th 2008
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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08

Not on an iMac

I have a new 24" aluminum iMac. 2.8Ghz, 4 Gb RAM. I am on Leopard with all the latest updates - also the latest update from EA. Suffice it to say this game is extremely slow. Loading and changing screens is downright painfull. There is an annoying texture display problem that causes flashing, and triangles of terrain to be drawn incorrectly. I also have the Windows version of the exact same game and it plays and looks great on the very same machine. In other words, this is a terrible port of a very good Windows game. Too bad. If you want to buy this game, get the Windows version and run it under Boot Camp.

by RichardIII, Canada - Jan 31st 2008
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Great Fun game

I love these puzzle games. This one is really a lot of fun, puzzles are no too difficult or too easy, and it makes no pretense to be anything other than a pure puzzle game. The only negative for me is the choice between full screen (too big) or windowed, which just a tad too small. Definitely worth the money.

by RichardIII, Canada - Aug 29th 2007
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