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Airport Firefighter Simulator

Bad, not worth any money!

This is the worse firefighter game ever and not even worth a dollar! DON'T BUY!

The mentioned bug where you have to follow the chief for a 10 minute walk-around through the station on EVERY start, the really bad driving physics of the vehicles and a lot of stupid in-game behaviors (i.e. other firefighters do nothing to put a BIG fire on a crashed airplane out) makes this game unplayable and smashing your head on the desk again and again.

Just take a youtube-search for this game (look for "Flughafenfeuerwehr-Simulator 'cause it's a german game originally) and witness bad graphics and a horrible gameplay!

I's a shame to offer this "game" for $24.99

by Stefan Simonsen, Germany - Dec 29th 2012
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