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Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make Collector's Edition

Graphics do not display correctly with Intel HD graphics

Played a few minutes of demo. The graphics do not display correctly. There is no video in the introduction. Text does not show in some boxes and in the description of inventory items. A lot of flashy video in some scenes. This is really not playable if you have the Intel HD3000 video graphics. I think the problems are only with the Intel HD graphics, but be sure and demo to make sure it plays on your machine.

The developers have been informed about this problem since it also occurs in the game available at other sites.

I played part of this game before the Apple 10.7.5 update on my MacBook and thought it was a very good game with great graphics and a good story. So, if your system will play it, it's a great hidden object/adventure game.

by mcurty, USA - Jan 6th 2013
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Winemaker Extraordinaire

Not Lion Compatible ?

This game just shows a black screen after the opening scenes which flash in an unusual manner. I'm assuming that is an indication that it is not Lion compatible. I'm running 10.7.4 OS.

by mcurty, USA - Aug 28th 2012
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The Secret Order: New Horizon

Fun game!

This is a great little casual game. The graphics enhanced the atmosphere for the story. There are some H0 areas, but it is more of an old-style point and click game. I found it refreshing and a bit different from the "cookie-cutter" type casual games recently released.

by mcurty, USA - Jul 10th 2012
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