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If Only It Worked
by Lilly Hryczyk, USA - Aug 18th 2017

Game is great... when it actually works. Unfortunately, it constantly crashes every time it is opened. It once took 42 tries to open properly. That's not an exageration; I actually counted.
Really irritating. At bare minimum if you make a product and ask people to pay for it... it should, you know, WORK,

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Love it, when it actually works!!!
by Lilly Hryczyk, USA - Dec 14th 2013

I have this in the comments section but I feel the need to repeat it:

I love this game, but it has driven me nuts over the years. It'll work for a month or so, crash and freeze my computers (I've owned this game on two different macs at different times), and refuse to open up again. Then suddenly, 5 or 6 months later, it will randomly decide it's willing to reopen. At the moment, it is in the "no you can't use me" phase.

The most frustrating part is there seems to be no support available for it anymore, not even from Wild Tangent's own website. Yet they're still selling the game???? And what is available to read is simply being being blamed on everyone's computers (or there computer knowledge/skills). There is absolutely nothing wrong with my laptop. It more than meets the requirements, I know my way around computers, and Fate is the only program that refuses to function.
Yes, I have tried multiple re-installs...right from Macgamestore. No affect whatsoever

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ok until it stopped working!
by Lilly Hryczyk, USA - Jan 12th 2012

I was trying to play the prologue until I got to a scene where I was asked to talk to a specific person. Sounds easy enough, except nobody was there and the game wouldn't let me move away from the scene I was in. So no one to talk to, no way to go anywhere else. *sigh*

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