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Complicated but fun
by Greg Michelson, USA - Feb 24th 2018

If yu want a challenge and and enjoy history this game is great. If you want a quick battle, I suggest you try another game. The HELP is very well done; read it a lot. Try the scenarios and then pick a country/nationality and stick with it for a few games. I have roughly 250 hours in the game and still only know about 40% to what there is to learn. Big HINT watch your HAPPINESS score; don't let it go negative. Also see YOU TUBE for good samples and a lot of help.

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Sid Meier's Starships Icon
Good Game for Slower Players
by Greg Michelson, USA - Feb 28th 2016

If you are an older, slower Star Trek fan, this game is a good one. It is a turn based game. Graphics are great. There are some choices to be made as you amass points in 5 categories. Good choice at the beginning is ENERGY and then METALS. Credits are good and sometimes hard to come by. My favorite WONDER is the Dual Command, which allows two actions per turn. Explore them all and learn your best ones. SCIENCE upgrades are both offensive and defensive. I go with offensive first and push the Torpedeo and Engine options. Some battles can take a bit of time to finish and if you are not strategically placed, you may lose Star Systems. Larger size games with fewere opponents are somewhat easier to play. Many ways to play and win and lose and learn.

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