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Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin Icon
Journalist Journey
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Jul 28th 2010

This needs a bit of tweaking insofar as the opening is jumpy, gets stuck about mid-way and then lurches over some of the story line. Like an old time movie, the dialog between the main female character and her boss bounces and lurches with frequent pit stops and repeats.

I'm interested, but it needs a tune-up.


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Veronica Rivers-Portals to the Unknown Icon
Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Jan 9th 2010

An excellent mind stretcher. The right balance of puzzles, hunt and find. As a medical editor, this overall sharpens my edge and yet, relaxes the mind. Good get!


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Hidden Expedition: Amazon Icon
Great Bugs!
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Dec 2nd 2009

The graphics are great. I love bugs and the "take off" on this adventure is beautiful. This is more than peck and hunt. I'm stuck on the pyramid puzzle, but having fun playing music off the stripes (easily entertained). After a hard day as a transcriptionist, I need bubble gum for the brains!

Thank you,


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Mystery of Cleopatra Icon
Why not-
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Nov 29th 2009

The graphics look good, stunning, but the big problem is getting into the game. There is a list of silhouettes, ok. There is no possibility of the player picking out where to start. The arrow points to some funky looking chunk of unknown material. Hitting the "Hint" button puts out a wash of reddish foam, but no specific area to look. If the producer of this gem's intention was to hit me/others over the head with a "stupid" sign, he wins. But, I'm not going to purchase it.


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Luxor 3 Icon
Luxor 3
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - May 3rd 2009

The programmers have done a great job on this and it is quite challenging. Shooting colored balls off the ceilings and walls...if I thought this game was challenging before, ha! I've yet to get a Mac Intel, and this shows how well my old beastie still runs! Thank you!

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The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley Icon
The Magicians Handbook - Cursed Valley
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Nov 30th 2008

This one is definitely challenging! With 13 chapters, puzzles in between and the promise of a harder challenge at the end is great. Only one fluff: snale (snail). The flying spell puzzle keeps the eyeballs hopping. There are still chapters I need to find stuff!

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Haunted Hotel Icon
Haunted Hotel
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Aug 10th 2008

What really dinged my purchasing this was the miserable typos, incorrect grammer, etc., etc. Some new twists, but still a rehash of the previous games, foggy images and utter frustration when the rope was untangled, nothing happened. This needs a major re-haul. And, give Ray Lynch credit for that cyber slice of his music!

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