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Evoland Icon
Well worth the price
by PilarS, USA - Sep 27th 2015

This game reminds me of how the series of games "The legend of Zelda" evolved over time. It starts looking a lot like the NES Legend of Zelda and it keeps moving forward as you advance in the game. I consider it to be a piece of memorabilia. It is nice to play and definitely worth the price. I find certain parts annoyingly slow to go through, but for the most part I enjoy playing this game.

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Barn Yarn Collector's Edition Icon
by PilarS, USA - Nov 5th 2013

The things I liked best of this game were the barn building story that justifies finding objects for sale, the aesthetics of the game and characters, and the addition of some features to make the finding a bit more challenging (search through shadows or "riddle-like" description of objects. The downside is that there are somewhere between twenty adn thirty different scenarios and I found that by the time the "barn project" is over you know where the objects are without having to look for them. By the time that happened I had gotten my share of playing so I am quite happy with the game.

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Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack Icon
by PilarS, USA - Nov 2nd 2013

If you like adventure games, this is a must. I love the original Lucas Arts adventure games and I was skeptical about this game living up to expectations. Tales of Monkey Island is an awesome game: the characters are hilarious, the puzzles are fun to solve, the movie scenes are great, and the length is good (although like with any other good game it feels short). Now a warning: I did not like the first chapter of the game very much. I found frustrating some of the puzzles of this chapter (specially the "map related" ones). Keep going because the rest of the chapters are worth every second spent. I know there are cheaper adventure games around but I would say that this is worth the price and that if you liked the Lucas Arts adventure games you will probably love this.

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Tower Wars Icon
Not for single-player mode
by PilarS, USA - Jun 2nd 2013

This game could be great. However, if you are planning to play as single-player or off-line you should be aware that there are only three maps available and that in those maps you can only defend (you cannot launch attacks, only defend your castle for as long as possible). If the actual game off-line had been anything like the tutorial (allowing mining and attacking your adversaries) I think I would have liked it a lot.

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