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A Gypsy's Tale-Refreshing
by lois gruber, USA - Jul 24th 2011

A relaxing way to exercise the mind,solving puzzles... The colorful and aesthetically pleasing scenery gives both rest and exercise for the eyes. Subliminally becoming aware of a lasting effect on me from the birds and gently babbling water sounds in the background. While my mind is pooh-poohing the ease of the game, the rest of me is now feeling enjoyment as i might feel, having just returned from a visit in nature. So Delightful. (Maybe i just haven't reached the drama yet.) While i could have skipped many puzzles i wanted to do them all for the fun of it.

An easy game to enter into and forget everything else..... Suggest: set a Timer if you need to leave it......

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Really like it!
by lois gruber, USA - Jul 24th 2011

i agree...Echo is a great memory game based in Sounds instead of's on my wish list. i just now realized how many games are in this release, which puts it over the top for me. i like Echo with the arrow keys more than the mouse. Also, i saw the PBS special, and think this is an apparently comparable brain game setup for much less $$. It's great the way it remembers past performance and tends to calibrate games to performance level. i enjoy the animated graphics, with some humor, too. Definitely worth the money.

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