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War in a Box: Paper Tanks Icon
by William Garner, USA - Apr 18th 2012

I bought this last weekend. I played all weekend and finally finished all the scenarios. I had a lot of fun. It challenges your thought processes. You have to figure out what guns to put where and when and change thru out the game. It never crashed on me, played perfect all the time. I sure hope they make another one soon. For only $7 it's well worth it.

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Castle Vox Icon
Good game
by William Garner, USA - Jul 24th 2011

I bought this a while back. I really like all the maps that you can download. The game is simple but fun. 9 difficulty levels to play. I wish that it had some more pieces other than just pawns and knights. Something with a range factor like artillery, it could attack 2 squares away. It needs some spice to it, to give you a better experience. That's why I give it 4 stars. I play this game when I get in the mood for playing the old board game Axis and Allies. It's just a simpler version. I wish it had roads you could buy like in the board game Conquest of the Empire. It would make getting around in the big maps faster. It's a good game to play on a Sunday afternoon when you just want to relax.

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Anomaly Warzone Earth Icon
Fantastic Game!
by William Garner, USA - Jul 19th 2011

I love strategy games, this is one of the best. Easy to use controls and 3 levels of difficulty. I downloaded it and did not stop playing the first 9 hours until 3 am, until my eyes gave up. This a steal for $10. It's addicting, I am now going back and play the game at a higher level. You can play scenarios after you finish the campaign. I wish there was a money cheat, just to see how a fully adapted tank would be like. Please bring out another new game just like this ASAP! Thanks, keep up the good work. Everyone, buy this game, you won't regret it.

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