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Dominions 3: The Awakening

Interesting, but crunchy

This game is highly varied, with a lot of options up front and is fairly customizable. It is a little dry, with a huge number of variables to figure out. It does a decent job of portraying a host of mythologies. The map conquest aspect reminds me of Medival: Total War, or a little of Civilization (but without the technology tree). Overall not bad - but has a very home-brew feel to it.

by Oliver Oviedo, USA - Oct 20th 2013
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Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

Tongue-in-cheek awesomeness!

This is a great game, with a good combination of open ended sandbox style gameplay that flows well with a fun, well thought out story line. You can unlock new character classes as you play though, and put some of your original characters in the tavern to update your party. This is a good game with a lot of replay value, and is simple to learn and master.

by Oliver Oviedo, USA - Sep 15th 2013
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Don't Starve

A Gamer's game!

This game is amazing, and should be picked up by anyone serious about gaming. There are amazing innovations, and a real sense of immersion. The only thing is that you will die. And die again and again. It can be heartbreaking, but I keep coming back for more.

Amazingly intelligent design, whimsical graphics, and a fully interactive, logical environment.


by Oliver Oviedo, USA - Aug 31st 2013
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