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Youda Farmer

Beautiful to look at, but difficult and quite frustrating

This has to be one of the best games visually to look at I have seen from Macgamestore/Mac Games Arcade, the graphics and animation are beautiful and very well done. My biggest problem with the game though is the level of difficulty - I am on level 8 now and am totally stuck trying to fulfil 70 orders out of 75, I keep replaying over and over and very rarely get much more than 50 or so. At this level the game is well nigh impossible using the trackpad on my MacBook Pro, so have to connect a mouse when I play. This is probably just my playing ability, rather than a problem with the game itself, so despite the difficulty I'd still recommend it.

by John Hunter, England - Apr 11th 2009
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Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design

Very enjoyable if a little easy

Very enjoyable game and certainly well worth the money and has given me several days worth of enjoyment. My only criticism (and this should not stop anybody buying it) is that it was quite an easy game to play. By the end I had so much money I didn't need to worry about ingredient prices or making the biggest profit, so it would have been good if the special orders had less time allowed to complete them later in the game, maybe forcing you to have to have several factories making the same product (the only time I did that was for the very last challenge and that was just to speed things up) or decide between two special orders which to ignore.

by John Hunter, England - Mar 30th 2009
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Little Shop of Treasures

My Review

This is a very nice game to look at. The graphics are good, colourful and bright. The problem is with the gameplay. Basically the game is just way too repetitive. Each level is essentially the same, just in a different location and it doesn't get any harder. You have the same time limit - 5 minutes - and have to find the same amount of objects - 15 - at both the beginning and end of the game.

Difficulty settings would have been good, decreased time limits as you progress, more objects to find per level the further you get into the game, thinks like this would all have enhanced the gameplay and stopped it from being quite dull.

And what exactly is the benefit of getting a gold star? You can progress to the next level by finding only 10 of the 15 items on a level, and there doesn't seem to be any advantage I can make out to getting all 15 and a gold star, other than the satisfaction of knowing you'd found everything.

So to sum up, a nice, if ultimately, boring game. Good to while away a couple of hours, but there are better games on this site (Kudos, for example) for the same money.

by John Hunter, England - May 26th 2007
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