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Batman: Arkham Asylum Icon
5 Stars Commissioner
by Panther, Canada - Jun 18th 2016

What a fantastic game. Amazing presentation,story and graphics, awesome gameplay although it feels a little like a console port for controls. Highly recommend you pick this up if you like 3rd person action or rpg games. Great port for the Mac!

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StarDrive 2 Icon
Prett Decent
by Panther, Canada - Jun 18th 2016

A pretty good stab at a 4x game.
I found it to be a little repetitivie in the events that happen early on but there is a lot of light hearted humour and a fun sorta x-com feel to the ground based tactical combat.

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Two Worlds II Icon
Skyrim Wannabe
by Panther, Canada - Jun 18th 2016

Really wanted to get into this game as we don't get skyrim native for mac but just couldn't get into the story. The voice acting seems dull and uninspired,combat is bland and the graphics themselves are decent but nothing super special. When on sale it's a decent pickup though to put some time into if you need an action RPG.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Field Marshal Edition Icon
This aint your dad's HOI
by Panther, Canada - Jun 7th 2016

So far the game lives up to the standard that has been set by the previous HOI series.

There is a more art feeling to the UI with graphic line drawings for unit replacing the old stock photos, the same with commanders they have portrait painting like vs the old photos. (not sure if i like that but its a neat change)

The map is amazing to look at,they could do to give more details and varied map filters.

It might take some time to get your head around the battle plans but it leads to less management.

A couple things that I don't like... no air commanders..really!
No message pop up's for when your troops are under attack that I can see and not really the old message pop up system, more just notifications at the top of the screen that you can't edit what you see or not. Hopefully that changes.

All round it's an easier HOI to get into,but still a lot of depth for long time armchair generals.

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Kerbal Space Program Icon
Kerbal is your Sandbox
by Panther, Canada - May 30th 2016

This game is a blast,especially after the newest update which brings a bunch of changes to the UI and behind the scenes, I also found it ran much better in OSX since.

The tutorial still could be a bit better but this game is somewhat meant to be explored and let you try and figure out what went wrong after the fact. Lots of awesome mods as well.

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Pillars of Eternity Icon
Isometric is Back
by Panther, Canada - May 28th 2016

Now that it has received some updates the game runs really well which was the major hurdle the first couple months with a ton of graphic issues. This is old school RPG in the vein of the Baldurs Gate series. Really fun and tactical combat with a fantastic storyline.
Some added DLC content brings some needed NPC roles to the game as well.
Pick it up here!

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Icon
The Force is Strong with this One
by Panther, Canada - May 28th 2016

This is probably my favorite in the series especially for lightsabre combat. You really see your powers grow over time in the game so it feels as though you really are starting as an apprentice and moving up, throw in some good old Star Wars light side/dark side issues and interaction with revered SW characters and you will enjoy the time you put into the game.
It might be aged a bit but definately get this in your collection from the MGS.

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Europa Universalis IV Extreme Edition Icon
Gets better with Time
by Panther, Canada - May 28th 2016

EU 4 is the first in this series that I have played, jumping over from the Hearts of Iron series. If your a fan of history and strategy this game is really immmersive to sink your time into.
Lots of events that let you make decisions and a rich tech and policy tree to really shape the direction you want to lead your empire in. Throw in lots of random events to keep you on your toes and you will never quite get the same game twice.

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Stellaris - Galaxy Edition Icon
by Panther, Canada - May 28th 2016

Excellent game that really shines in exploration and empire building. The UI is very clutter free and lets you focus on the important things early in game. It needs some polish mid game, especially with sector management and more events.
Highly recommend this game if you like space 4x games or the EU series from Paradox. Also support your local mac game store always

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Icon
I would give a 0 if I could.
by Panther, Canada - Jun 3rd 2015

Probably the worst game I have ever bought, and I have bought quite a bit over the years. Game mechanics are terrible but you could learn them. The biggest problem is absolutely terrible UI, it takes forever for the game to reckognize you want to scroll through menu's and this is a year after launch and the developer still cannot get that fixed. Add to the major complaints of hacking and exploits on the forums…. take your hard earned money to another game trust me.

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Blitzkrieg Icon
by Panther, Canada - Jul 31st 2009

I would not recommend this game.

The game speed is way to fast for how quickly your units die. Squads of infantry do not die in 5 seconds in real combat EVERY time. Also you cant see where your being attacked from. I am fine with fog of war,but u can barely see on the mini map,and by the time u realize,your units are gone. Units die to easily.

The good
nice graphics and good detailed armor,though i question if these values really work as i have had tanks get blows away by little anti tank guns that then wipe out my infantry,they either do one or the other,not both.

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Eschalon: Book I Icon
Pleasant Suprise
by Panther, Canada - Dec 30th 2008

I really have enjoyed this game. I was not expecting much but have been really immersed into the storyline. Plays off the forgotten memory angle nicely. Graphics are alright but the game play is fun. Nothing super complex yet not to simple either. Look forward to seeing what is to come from Basillick.

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