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Fantastic!! Get them both!
by Stephan Roberts, USA - May 20th 2015

I absolutely love both of the Dragon Age games and have gladly sacrificed hundreds of hours on each - especially the 'never-ending' original. This is a more streamlined sequel - about an 8gb install, compared to the beastly 25gb of the complete Origins. They both run great on my late 2010 MacBook Air (4 GB RAM / Nvidea 320M / 10.6.8 Snow Leopard). Grab both of them on sale if you can (I was able to get them together here in a bundle for $19.99 several years back - best money I have ever spent in my 20+ years of gaming!! One final note about their age - don't worry - they both look beautiful, even without maxed out video settings. Hope you enjoy them as well...

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