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Age of Empires III

Smooth as glass

The title says it all, I'm using an Intel Macbook and Age of Empires III runs smooth as glass, no matter what you throw at it in-game (graphics all cranked up to the max, huge armies all shooting at each other simultaneously, it handles it all perfectly smooth). The game itself is already Ensemble's masterwork to date, and for anyone who's a fan of the RTS genre or even want a good RTS to start off on, this is a must-buy.

by Matt Ryburn, USA - Dec 10th 2006
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Age of Mythology

minor performance issues, but it's still worth it

As a game, Age of Mythology is a quality installment to the Age series. While the sounds are somewhat iffy (not bad, but don't really leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that you should have when you destroy something big), the graphics are solid and the gameplay is excellent and variable enough to keep you playing for a long time.

The framerate, except during very large battles between 3 or more players, generally stays high. The framerate drops to a crawl, however, on multiplayer games when watching very large battles. Running this on a Macbook can result in infrequent but predictable crashes, especially when playing with more than 4 players (A.I. or human) at once. The crashes are much less frequent on a Macbook Pro and probably nonexistent on more powerful Macs. Even on a Macbook, the crashing is not frequent enough to keep one from playing, unless you have a lazy saving ethic. :-) Overall, it's worth getting if you like the Age series.

by Matt Ryburn, USA - Nov 14th 2006
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