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Virtural Pets
by Dog Paws, USA - Apr 14th 2009

A dog exspecting a treat with a trick done incorrect and a stubborn feline with a unhappy look in her eyes, what can change that? Traning! A lesson for the young dog that exspects things to much learns to be pationt with treats. Dose the lesson work? Yup! The dog learns that good things come to those who earn it. What about the stuborn cat? Toys! Take her favorite toy and throw it. Wach her dart over with excitment for the toy that she retrives to you. How can I exsperence this? Why not play Petz Catz 2 and Petz Dogz 2? It's fun to play and to wach your little virtural pet. Choose from many breeds, pick it's name, and take care of it. Teach your pet tricks, feed it, and take picturs. Those photos are stored in your Jornal were you can view those photos, take some notes about whats going on with the bond bettween you and your pet, and view your badges you earnd. There so much to do with your pet like play dress up, wach your pet take a soothing nap, and of course let your pet get some reilf. If you are not allowed have a cat or dog now you can with these two wonderfull games, Petz Catz 2 and Petz Dogz 2. It feels like your taking of a real pet. If you want a virtural dog or cat I recomend these two games. Well got to go my dog wants to play some ball.

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