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Tomb Raider Icon
by posed, Switzerland - Feb 2nd 2014

I agree with Wumpus. The price is more than justified. The graphics are something of the best i've ever seen. But the best game of the year... i don't know...this seems fairly understated. Don't hesitate buying it. Let Lara suffer for the first time!

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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Icon
by posed, Switzerland - Sep 11th 2013

.. i must say as huge Amnesia/Penumbra fan i'm a bit disappointed. Sure, to top Dark Descent isn't an easy thing, but for me "A Machine for Pigs" is far from great. I'm simply not scared! It acts more like a walking simulator through an old museum. Sometimes a cracking noise here, a whisper there but it don't get me feel uncomfortable. Furthermore i miss the inventory. Not able to pick up and combine things makes it even more linear as it already is. The puzzle difficulty is childish which consists mostly of taking an item from place x to y or finding a lever to open a hidden door. For surprise the enemies are funny... After all you see they put a lot of work in it to create the rich environment. Even more sad you can poorly interact with it.

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Don't Starve Icon
by posed, Switzerland - Jul 31st 2013

Wow, 'Don't Starve' is incredibly ridiculous good! The goal is to get out of this world, and believe me, it's huge. And it gets richer on every update. Yes, the game lives! There's so much to discover, even a Wiki is available for this game:; check it out! Take it serious and don't starve :)

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Endless Space - Admiral Edition Icon
Beam me up, Scotty!
by posed, Switzerland - Nov 28th 2012

Brilliant space strategy with absorbing mood in exploring and defending or conquering the galaxy. Deep space sound vibes do the rest. Countless pathes in strategy to choose from. Very good KI. Easy to handle because of excellent User Interface Design. The spacefights tactics are a bit simple but fun after all. What more shall I say? A space symphony. Don't want to come back to earth :)

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Empire: Total War™ - Gold Edition Icon
What a blast of a game
by posed, Switzerland - Oct 15th 2012

I'm so flashed by this game really, i do not know where to start. The Campaign Mode is very detailed and fun to proceed. I already liked Rome Total War. But now? Forget about Rome. Empire is Total War in it's perfection. The port is well done by Feral. It runs smooth and almost crash free (only one since 100 hours). On my mac high resolution options are all available and i use them (Graphic-card ATI Radeon 5770). Looks real good.

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Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition Icon
An exceptional unexpected game-experience
by posed, Switzerland - Apr 5th 2012

Assassin's Creed 2 looks great, feels great, it even smells good (don't ask me about drugs). This game works very very smooth graphic options all set on max (Mac Pro 4-core Xeon, 8GB Ram, ATI Radeon HD 5770). I have no issues at all. I play it with keyboard only, with some reconfiguration and half an hour practice i have it down pat.

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Tropico 3: Gold Edition Icon
Betty Boom Forever!
by posed, Switzerland - Feb 2nd 2012

This game is worth buying just because of the radio dj Betty Boom. Omg she's so funny, although i use the german version. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Tropico 1 but with a lot of nice new features. Find out! Besides it looks good! I really enjoy it! Thumbs up!

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X3: Terran Conflict Icon
by posed, Switzerland - Jul 8th 2011

Amazing challenging game! Infinite possibilities. The only con: it's so damn addictive.

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