Reviews by Joseph Kyle

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

This is why we can't have nice things

If I were to rate this game on its looks and its vibe, I'd definitely give it a five. However, if I could give it a zero, I'd give it that, too.


I downloaded the demo and loved it. It was interesting play, I was enthralled, and when it ended, I definitely wanted to get it so that I could enjoy the enticing mystery and solve the crime.

So I bought it.

AND FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER...the game was over. Boom. Just like that. Ten bucks wasted. that's well over a buck a minute, and the nature of the game doesn't allow you to really get anything new on further adventures.

I wish I could get my money back. I'm certainly of the opinion I'll probably never buy another hidden object game from this particular software maker...if I ever buy another HO game again....

by Joseph Kyle, USA - Jan 2nd 2015
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Tasty Blue

Whadda want?

This game is the video game equivalent of a big ice cream sundae—there's nothing intellectually filling about it, it's simply a good, dumb, fun time-killer with a very simple plot. Sometimes life needs simple pleasures like this!

by Joseph Kyle, USA - Sep 17th 2014
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Age of Conquest III

A disappointment

I downloaded the demo, and it worked great. It was a fun game, even if the gameplay was limited to one campaign. I thought it would be worth my while-I rarely buy games any more; when I do buy one, I want one that will give me value for dollar-how often will I want to play it, how long will I want to play it when I do?

Well, so, I bought it. I downloaded it, and have had nothing but trouble with it.

It froze when I first ran it; I had to force quit it three or four times before the game menu FINALLY came up.

I should have taken that as a warning, for it only got worse. For instance, you can only make ONE choice on the map. When you do, you'd better make sure that choice you make is to press "start," as the system will take you to a black screen otherwise. Also, any selection that you make on the map section, the next thing that will happen is it will go straight to a black screen. So when you read that you can choose your country/map/timeperiod/era...NOPE. You can't even use the arrow keys to scroll. It all goes back to a black screen. I did get to play one game, and it was as enjoyable as the demo. But I have not been able to play the games and campaigns I want-which is, well, wasn't what I paid twenty bucks to do.

I was disappointed; I've bought games from here for years, and this is the first out-and-out stinker. I would like some kind of compensation for this clunker of a program.

by Joseph Kyle, USA - Dec 29th 2010
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