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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 15th 2016

I've actually never cared about trucks at all, so I bought this sceptically. You know: explore a new thing just to see if you discover something good you were missing. And that happened! This is a simulation game in which you have to drive a truck delivering goods all across Europe. Simultaneously, you build a transport company buying garages, adding trucks to them, hiring drivers... You can upgrade your truck in many different ways, repaint it... The driving simulation is excellent. You really feel as if you were on the road, have to take care of loading fuel, take some rest... There are crashes, highway tolls,you get fines, take ferrys... The modelling of the world is also excellent: roads, buildings, mountains, lakes, ports, forests, streets... everything. It's not hard to play and runs pretty good even if you don't have a so-powerful machine. If you are slightly interested in driving, traveling or building a company give it a try. It mischievously hides countless hours of great fun.

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Dracula 3 - The Path of the Dragon Icon
Good writing
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 15th 2016

This is a classic 2D "point and click" adventure game with all its limitations. You play the role of a catholic priest in his search of the infamous count in the Europe of post World War II. The "background part" of the game is excellent: locations, atmosphere, historical documentation, dramatic progress, dialogues... But the "gameplay part" is not so good, and that's mainly for one reason: it's puzzles are often so cryptic that you will likely need to browse trough some internet walkthrough more often than fair gaming advices. So if you appreciate a good story and don't mind about cheating a bit, you can't try it. It surely won't disappoint you.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Icon
Brilliant game
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 9th 2016

I must admit I feel a bit tired of all this Star Wars inventions. I attended to the premiere of the first movie more than 30 years ago and that's too many years of Star Wars. But this game has rejuvenated some of my interest. It's an all-round RPG that has everything it needs: a brilliant story, many interesting characters, races, technology, weapons, planets, and... the all-pervading Force. If it was made now with the technology of today it would be a bomb of a game. Only its aged graphics detract it from a 5/5 score. If you are interested in Star Wars and/or RPG's, let loose those bucks in your pocket. Now.

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Prohibition 1930 Icon
Simple shooter
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 9th 2016

This is a shooter in which you only have to shoot. You don't move your character because the program moves him for you. You progress through a series of scenes in which you have to kill waves of gangsters. They appear always from the same point at the same time and do always the same, so it's all about anticipating their movements and practise one and other time, being pretty much killed along the way. Boring after tow hours.

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The 11th Hour Icon
The 7th Guest + puzzles + footage
by Hermit64, Spain - Sep 11th 2015

The title says everything: take "The 7h Guest" idea, add more puzzles and more video footage and you have this follow-up. The puzzles are of the same nature (trial and error, far from brilliant) and little more. I admit I did't complete one single puzzle and archived the game (purchased just for nostalgia) and I don't like reviewing games that I haven't played fairly, but 5 points are 5 and no less!

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Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition Icon
Car workshop tycoon
by Hermit64, Spain - Sep 11th 2015

If you feel like driving wildly in the middle of a city full of heavy traffic is your business, then this is your game. There is a story about a jailbraker criminal, there are tons of vehicles to drive, there are "experience points" to gain for redeeming in improvements to your cars or buying new workshops, there are many "challenges" away from the main story (in an "open world" style)... The graphics are no less than brilliant and run super fast, the selection of musical tracks for listening in your car is excellent (most black soul music), it's challenging... And, above all, the city has life! (listening to the conversations between other drivers and their "copilots"is a laugh!) In the "cons" list two issues: there is a multiplayer mode that you can't use because nobody plays the game these days, and two: the game doesn't work under 10.10.5. The system requirements list on this page states that it doesn't work under 10.10 at all, but it worked for me until 10.10.4. Selling game for ancient OS lovers!

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Master Reboot Icon
Digital heaven
by Hermit64, Spain - Sep 11th 2015

This is one of those games in which you are "inside a computer". In this case the graphics represent memories of a person. It's divided into different areas (different memories) and you have to solve simple puzzles (most) or do simple arcade actions in order to complete each area. The structure of the game is original (reminds me of "Psychonauts") and some of the areas are graphically amazing! (but few). Issues? Well, it's short, the story is confusing (I admit I couldn't understand it) and the gameplay is somewhat "cheap". But it's worth just for looking at the graphics, believe me.

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Gold Rush! Anniversary Icon
Gold diggers resurrection
by Hermit64, Spain - Aug 2nd 2015

This is an updated version of an old Sierra game, with hi-res graphics and a point-and-click interface replacing the original command-line system. It's not a bad game, but it's too short. When you think you're starting to do interesting things, it ends. Buy for collection.

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Lifeless Planet Premier Edition Icon
Space promenade
by Hermit64, Spain - Aug 2nd 2015

This is a game of the kind "I can't stop playing, I need to see more". You are immersed in the story at the very moment it starts. Why? Well, it's its atmosphere, the slow and steady cadence of events taking place, the feeling of discovery as you progress. I can say it contains some of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in a game. Problem: you will need a very fast machine to run its graphics smoothly in "fantastic mode". Even if you don't have such, playing it is a real pleasure. Completely worthy.

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Trine 2 Icon
Cold weather makes hot games
by Hermit64, Spain - Jul 30th 2015

This is basically a puzzle-platformer with a bit of action (for making round the gameplay). What makes it so good are its luxurious graphics (although overloaded), and accurate physics emulation. You control three characters that you can switch at any time, each with their own abilities that you can improve over the time picking up "world energy". This leads to the use of different approaches to resolve the puzzles, and there are a bunch of them. There are also "big monsters" to defeat, mostly there for the looks. But what makes this game unique are its highly detailed environments, animations, soundtrack, and cut-scenes.
Add this to a robust gameplay, shake the mix, and "pop!" you obtain a game that you can't lose. And they are announcing "Trine 3", with fully 3D interactive environments...

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Insectoid Icon
Pheeew… pheeew… Booom!
by Hermit64, Spain - Jun 29th 2015

In the begining of time there was Space Invaders. This is one of its sequels. It's much more simple than its arcade's big brothers, but truly enjoyable, although for a short time. Number of levels is small, as is differences among them. Graphics and sound are OK, with a pleasant retro style. 4 ships to choose and 3 difficulty levels lengthen some the experience (but not much). For retro lovers or over 50 people.

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Crow Icon
Mobile port
by Hermit64, Spain - Jun 2nd 2015

First, 2 things about this game:

1. This is a port to a mobile game, so expect what you have: a dumb game on a big screen.
2. Don't be confused: When you read on a game description somewhere and it says "critically acclaimed", it only means that there's one person who likes the game and has published his opinion somewhere. It does not mean that's a general opinion.

So, what we have here?. As I said, it's a mobile game relocated to the big screen. It has beautiful graphics, as you can appreciate in the treacherous screen captures shown here at MGS. And it has "certain atmosphere", that's true. But what about gameplay? Extremely limited and repetitive. Each level is always the same: you fly over a tiny map collectig a few gems an eventually you bump into a "big boss". If you defeat it, you jump to the next level, where you expect the same, Number of levels is small, variation is minimum, you cant't control your flight in fighting sequences (you move on a pre-written path) and actions are very limited and… imprecise? (Imagine the "finger-tapping-the screen" style of mobile gaming translated to a computer mouse).

We players should be payed for suffering games like this.

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DOOM 3 Icon
Wolfenstein in space
by Hermit64, Spain - May 11th 2015

I've had a reflection: three-dimensional shooters are in fact one-dimensional games. All you have to do is go ahead and shoot in front of you. That's one dimension, isn't it? Ok, forget it, I'll go with the game. id Software are good graphics/effects programmers, but what about gameplay? That of Doom 3 is basically the same you can find in Wolfenstein. Sure, the atmosphere is great, but not appealing in the long term. Why? Well, I find the mood so intense that it ends loosing its effect. If sudden scares and that were well-dosed, mixed with more quiet parts, the overall effect would have been much better. You get tired of monsters appearing at your back again and again. Is it a bad game? Not at all. Just suitable for casual gameplay (and many hours of it).

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Psychonauts (old publish) Icon
Out of this world
by Hermit64, Spain - May 2nd 2015

This game is easily one of the best I ever played, but describing it seems impossible to me.
What's it, then? Well, it's an arcade-adventure in which you take the control of a psychic-powers student who gets involved in a case of the "certain-person-is-trying-to-take-over-the-world" type (I'm trying to not spoil). He starts in a summer camp as another zero-capabilities student and, as the story evolves, he has to "filter" into the minds of several other people. Each mind is a different world in which you find the memories, motivations, obsessions, etc. of his owner. Navigating through this minds gives you the powers to confront more difficult minds, progressing until the end. Ok, that's the setting, but what makes this this game so good? Almost everything. The story is great and extremely well-written. The gameplay is varied: in the different stages of the game you find yourself doing different things. The design and contents of each mental world are unique and (I'll say it) artistic! And, above all, this has a sense! Because the minds in wich you penetrate are not pertainig to exactly "normal" people. You are free (of course) to think I'm crazy, but I found this game to be even therapeutic! Looking at the mechanisms of others' minds thinking may lead to discover your owns' mechanisms. Don' believe me? Try it. To balance the scales, let's say the game shows its age in the graphics/control part. Cut-scenes are numerous but low-resolution and things as control-reactions and fight sequences are simple, but you shouldn't ask for more (budgets and so). I apologize but I need to end this review with a reflexion: this game deserves a place in the MoMA of New York instead of Street Fighter! Ok, I said it. Thanks for listening.

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Otto Matic Icon
Perhaps your grandfather...
by Hermit64, Spain - May 2nd 2015

Little to say about this game: poor graphics, basic and repetitive gameplay… You have to help a robot in his quest to prevent humanity to be enslaved by the martians themselves. Heard that song? If you want to find something positive in it, you could point to its sense of humor (As: What's the purpose of kidnapping cheerleaders in addition of farmers, scientits and so? Mmmh...

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Icon
No game at all
by Hermit64, Spain - May 2nd 2015

Another Telltale's "experiment", this time the follow-up to The Walking Dead. Expect the same thing as in the first part: just a movie in which you take some decisions at certains points. About the movie there´s no objection: the story, voices and dialogues are good, the graphic style is great… But it´s just an animation to look at, not a game to play with. If you want to spend your money in games buy a real one, not this.

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The 7th Guest Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Mar 19th 2015

I can't believe this game was, at this time, "state-of-the-art". I bought it in its PC version: it came in a luxury box and its price was about 30% higher than a normal game. It's release was preceded by an unusual hype ("This game starts a new era" an so…). Well, nothig of that remains. It consists of a series of "board puzzles" scattered into the rooms of a cursed victorian mansion. The puzzles are few, many of them are based on a trial and error scheme of resolution and there is even a classic! (That of the eight queens of chess not killing one another, which leads to the copyright paradox). There is a story you have to unfold and, when you resolve a puzzle, a new event in the story ttriggers and a new room is unlocked. Problem? The game was created more than 20 years ago, when 3D graphics were something new. Now, those graphics look extremely simple: bad rendered environments in low resolution covering just a portion of your screen. Another improvement at the time was the inclusion of video footage merged with the 3D graphics. The result is the same: flashy, blurry pixels in very low resolution popping out through a small window. Besides, acting is exaggerated, turning a supposedly horror story into a comedy one. There are more flaws, like the negligent timing of the animations, and others... If Trylobyte would have done the same as the people in Cyan, updating its great Myst work to the modern times, it would have be different. Buy it only if you are an archeology collector (perhaps I am).

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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Mar 9th 2015

This joke of a game is unworthy even of writing a review about it. The speed of rendering is inexplicably slow for today standards. Trying to look around with your mouse is like trying to fly a jet fighter in a drunken state. The "sensation of being there" is near to zero: it's more like "being in a postcard". The environments are static: just the ripples of water (if it's in your line of sight) and two or three birds flying (if they are). The game doesn't give you any feedback about what you're doing (that's pushing buttons and levers everywhere), so the need, desire or curiosity for doing something is null. The areas to explore are so small that you feel you are exploring in your bathroom. Believe me: my daily morning walks are far more intersting than playing this. Don't waste your time with it: life is too short.

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Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Mar 5th 2015

This games belongs to another era, that of pioneers, when the whole game was made by just one person: programming, graphics, sound… The result is a small game, as it had to be, but very good in this case. It tells the story of a young scientist who's transported into a parallel world after an accident occurred while doing an experiment in a particle-accelerator. In taht world everything is different: he becomes imprisoned by the dominating race and must escape with the help of a fellow prisoner. The graphic style here is unique: animation is achived by manipulating polygons, as in modern 3D games, but in plain 2D in this case. What you obtain are very simple colored shapes, but runnig very smoothly. This results effective, thanks to the meticulous work put in by the author (French if you ask). As to the gameplay, it consists in a series of action-puzzles with a little of exploration and object-manipulation. What are action-puzzles? Well, you have to solve situations basically by shooting to monsters, things, etc. The puzzles are then mounted around what to shoot, from where to do, during how much time, etc. Add to this a good story with three difficulty levels and you obtain a very satisfying and totally advisable game that almost sure won't disappoint you.

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Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack Icon
Craziness is back
by Hermit64, Spain - Feb 7th 2015

First, a warning. Don't be fooled by the screenshots or the horrible video trailer posted here: they simply tell nothing about the game. What we have here is a high-quality adventure, a follow-up in the "Monkey Island universe". While the original Monkey Island game has aged miserably, this is a completely different case. It´s an updated adventure, very modern in concept and design. It's developed in a full-3D environment with cameras following the action, which makes the experience truly immersive. Graphics are fine, as are animations, all in a cartoon style (but not too "cartoonish"). The definition of characters is very good, as are their voices. Dialogues are smart and crispy. The story and situations are hilarious and original from start to end, with increasing weirdness with each twist of the plot. Puzzles you have to resolve are equally original, fun and weird, but all adjusted to the logic. The duration of the gameplay give this game a high value for the money. All of this this means that this is probably one of the best adventures you can find out there. If only Telltale would make its games just as 50% as good as this is...

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