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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Feb 4th 2015

This game is a really joy to play. I dive into it and can stay in for hours without finding the moment to stop. First of all it's Star Wars in all its full glory. I mean this is not a cheap game: it's a high-budget one. Cut-scenes are great, as is the plot: you assist to some Star Wars events "from the other side", the dark side. The graphics are the best I have ever seen on a Mac, as are the effects, sound, etc. Movement and animations are fluid, rich. Locations are sinply gorgeous, It´s an action game in which you play the role of a young Sith with a mission: to kill several Jedi across the galaxy. You are placed in different locations, at the end of which is hidden the Jedi you have to kill. You must clean your way of enemies, sort obstacles, find paths, operate machines, etc. in order to achieve your goal. And for all this you ar given the "gift of the Force". You have at your disposal many different Force abilities that you are constantly improving, as well as learning new ones, etc. This makes gameplay ever changing, having to devise new ways of defeating hords of enemies, breaking gaps, advance a little more, etc.. The amount and variety of enemies is really big, each one with different weapons amd combat styles. The range of Force abilities that you have at your disposal is impressive. You are always improving your powers, learning new combos, etc. It's a sheer joy to Force-grab giant structures, wrap them up into a big electric bolt, elevate them several feet over your head and throw them over your angry enemies with violence making them explode! It's impossible to get tired of this! There are also "big bosses" who need special combos to defeat, etc. In summary, we have here a really complete an ever-entertaining gaming invention. I have played it only at the easy level, but there are three more and I'm excited about to make new playthorughs and try all of them. If you like Star Wars and action games you have to own this.

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Memoria Icon
Beautiful adventure
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 30th 2015

What we have here is a full-classic adventure whose plot is set in a fantasy world (I can't imagine nothing more classic). What makes it stand out in the crowd is its fine-crafting in every aspect. Graphics are a really joy to look at. Story is dense, mysterious and not at all pleasing (not like King's Quest). Writing is good, as is acting, with actors modulating expressively each word. The interface is also very good, comfortable and never-hindering. You play two different characters alternatively, leaping 450 years back and forth, as the plot develops. Puzzles, that are the core of any adventure, are here deep and imaginative: you'll have to use not only plain logic, but your imagination as well. In short, a very advisable piece of gaming (if you like this style of entertainment, that is).

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System Shock 2 Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 30th 2015

Just three things about this game:
1. This is a first-generation first-person 3D game in which your avatar looks like he moves skating more than actually walking.
2. If you play it at high resolution, the on-screen 2D things that you need (inventory, map, etc.) are so small that's impossible to play.
3. Add to 1 and 2 the lack of a manual and you obtain a perfectly erasable game.
(Note: I can understand the need that some persons may have in reselling old things, but not at any price, please.)

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Icon
6th episode
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 30th 2015

If you enjoy anti-gaming, you can buy this and anti-play some more time.

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Unique concept
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 25th 2015

Here we have a different game. It tells the story of a woman who suffered a car crash. She's in the hospital and, to recover her damaged mind, she needs to analyse four recurrent dreams. In those dreams she sees crucial facts of her life that she needs to fully understand in order to recover. You are guided through these four dreams. In every of them you have to complete several tasks and find a series of relevant photographs. Each dream is exposed as a series of photographs connected between them, so you can navigate through the photographs to move into space, zoom on certain objects, etc. The unique concept about the interface is that you can do gestures with the mouse to draw signs on the screen. These signs give orders to move, catch and so on. The atmosphere is good, but graphics are low resolution and the game is simply too short. With a decent length it would have earned five stars, but as is it doesn't deserve more than four.

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A milestone
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 21st 2015

I consider this game being to our times similar to what Another World supposed in its moment (even the five keys to control the character are the same!). It's unique and excellent, and you should buy it for this: you will never see again another game like this. The impressive graphic style makes you feel as if you were watching a dream (a nightmare!). The quiet, precise sound effects enhance the sensation of solitude against your fate. There are no words, no spoken story, just sound and graphics. The story is built alongside a series of sequential puzzles-on-platforms: you finish one puzzle, you start another, you finish this and start one more, until the end. Just one at a time. This may sound dull, but the nature of each puzzle turns the gameplay exciting. You have to think in things from "physic behavior of objects" to "psychology of living creatures". And there is always one more turn of the screw until the end. So this game deserves a 5 over 5 in every aspect: design, atmosphere and programming. A radical must.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Icon
Frightfully awful
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 9th 2015

This game deserves a perfect round zero in every single aspect and all of them. Drawings are horrible, writing is infernal, interface is prehistoric, jokes are at the lowest level of cheapness, and so on until the infinite. It looks like a Flash game (perhaps it is, dunno), but made by bad Flash programmers. E.g.: each time you change from one screen to another, you have to wait several seconds on a black screen in a Intel Core i5 computer! More facts: Each location is overcrowded with objects put there only for you to look at them and be punished with the worst joke you can imagine about that object. And there are thousands of them! And the gameplay? One example: You start the game in a bar. You enter in it and ask the bartender for a whisky. He serves you and the game asks if you want to drink it inmediately or keep it for a later use. Ok, you choose to keep it. You go out, see a public phone and use it to call for a taxi. The taxi comes, you enter in and says the diver where you want to go. This looks logic? No, it isn't. You should have known that taxi drivers in the city are mad drunken expecting for clients carrying alcohol, so he attacks you, drinks your whisky, gets immediately drunk, the car crashes and you die. If you like this kind of gameplay, you must be a masochist. I only hope that the story this game tells was not based in Al Lowe's biography, for the benefit of his family and friends and humanity in general.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Icon
A classic still playable
by Hermit64, Spain - Jan 2nd 2015

Well, this game is very old really, although not for Mac gamers. This has an advantage: you can be sure that the game will run smoothly on your system. But disadvantages are many: games made ten years ago were not as professionals as today are. Few can pass the test of time, but this is one of them. Graphics are extremely outdated, but you can see them at 1920x1080 resolultion, which added to the simple but beautiful lighting effects, make the gaming experience immersive, beleieve it or not. The story reminds of Scorsese's movies: you play the role of a hired assassin who works for different gangs in an American town and have to fight against gangsters from to the others gang. Policemen are always behind you too, but fortuately they look very silly at times. Gameplay is structured in missions, too short each one in my opinion, but you have to repeat them many times in order to succeed. Rewards come in form of cash, that you can use basically to buy weapons. Aside from the "story missions" and some "driver missions" (like driving an ambulance to carry people to the hospital) you can do other things: finding hidden drug packs scattererd throughout the city, doing some short massive assassinations against members of the other gangs and performing acrobatic car jumps in the style of 70's policemen TV series. This sounds exciting, but it isn't for me: I stick to the main missions to progress in the story. The driving part is very good and realistic, but shootings are too clumsy, as gameplay is in general. Characters' AI look hilarious at many times, with people comitting suicide everywhere for no particular reason. But despite all of this, the game offers you many things to keep you interested and wanting to finish one more mission and see what comes next. I abandoned the game at 35% or so of completion (and this took me one month of casual playing), but hardcore gamers are guaranteed to have many hours of fun. The value of this game is that it sat the basics of a new genre: the so-called "open world" games, but I am very skeptical about labels. If you haven't seen it yet you should give it a try or you will miss a piece of gaming history.

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Trine Icon
Very enjoyable
by Hermit64, Spain - Dec 29th 2014

Excellent little platform-action-puzzle-role fantasy game. Visuals are good, with baroque surroundings, and gameplay is original and enough varied to keep yourself entertained for quite a while. I've found it very well crafted, including puzzles and levels, which is the core matter. You play with three characters, each one with its own upgradeable abilities, that you can switch at any time. It offers you four difficulty levels, so you can always try harder.
In the negative side, the story and settings are too commonplace, including the nearly-unbearable music, just your typical fairy-tale melody. Also, the famous "physics-emulation" looks sometimes more moon-based than earth-based, but these are minor issues for an indie game. Overall, a very good game that's worth the price. Get it and yout won't regret.

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The Walking Dead Icon
Good as movie, simple as game
by Hermit64, Spain - Nov 26th 2014

The art and cinematics of this game are superb, but it remains at that. It is an interactive movie (or TV series) that stops at certain points and you have to do something to continue. Anyone remember Dragon's Lair (I am old enough to remember)?. It looks similar at times, except that this is easier (because you get clues on what to grab, where to go, etc.)! Theoretically, your decisions affect the development of the story, but that's not true: they only affect a tiny part of the story, which once passed, returns to you to the same point. And what about the story in itself? Well, it's just to excessively over-dramatic: you have to kill children, relatives, watch suicides (all for the supreme benefit of survival, of course!). Playing this game I remebered when I was young and went to see some horror movie: people in the theater (specially girls) shouted at the characters: "Grab the hammer!", "Smash the window!", "Run!. This game is at points something like that. And it offers no challenge: I can't imagine anyone not finishing this game in a few hours. So that's my verdict: an uninteresting game that's a tecnicallly good movie, perhaps suitable for movie making students and so. But we're talking about games, no?

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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Icon
Just a piece of museum
by Hermit64, Spain - Nov 10th 2014

I played this game in the 90's and I enjoyed it very much. But not now. 20 years are a lot of years for a game. Can you imagine how games will be within 20 years? Not me. The pace of the game is very slow. The story is lightly fun, but childish. The interface is clumsy, primitive. Many of the puzzles are illogic, most of them just plain.The graphics are too simple, with static backgrounds and bad animations. Nothing really interesting happens, so the urge to continue doesn't exists. Why did I like this game som much in it's time? I suppose it was as comparison to others at the moment. But, I repeat, not now. Only useful to collect.

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BioShock Icon
by Hermit64, Spain - Nov 8th 2014

Graphics and sound are first-class, finished and detailed. Movement and controls are responsive and smooth. Physics are amazing! These elements contribute to make the world to be thrilling and involving. You can do many things, so you hardly get bored. My only complaint is about the storyline, that is too twisty. Anyway, is a delight to play and an absolutely must.

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The Cave Icon
Interesting and amusing
by Hermit64, Spain - Oct 6th 2014

The graphics are excellent. Some of its puzzles are among the most ingenious I've ever played. The fact that you can do the same things in different ways makes you want to play again. A very good game, worth its price.

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