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Brain App - Daily Brain Training Icon
Great App for the Brain Cells!
by Gabriel388, Australia - Jun 30th 2014

Went through all the brain exercises. Very stimulating for the brain cells. Some of the exercises are quite tough! You can compare your performance with everyone else worldwide to see how well or how poorly you have performed in the brain exercises. Thoroughly recommend for your Brain Cells!

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Icon
Cool Game for learning about Cars!
by Gabriel388, Australia - May 13th 2014

I've worked on quite a few cars in the game and learned where all the different parts are in the cars. Pretty Cool game for learning about cars and what mechanics do in general. It's one of those games you play a bit here and there to learn about stuff you don't know. I've learnt where a fuel filter is in a car, oil filter, air filter, starter, where the gear mechanics of a car are, brake pads, battery, alternator. You also get to unscrew a lot of car parts to get to the parts you need to fix and replace. A lot of thinking and screwing and unscrewing lots of parts around. There is also a new free update out on Steam for the game which adds 20 odd missions. Great Game!!!!

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Roaming Fortress Icon
Really Cool Game.
by Gabriel388, Australia - Apr 26th 2014

I found this game to be very good. Very lovely graphics with a lot of flare to it. There are so many options and upgrades in this game, it is quite amazing. The only thing is I have trouble at times trying to get all the 3 goals done for all the missions to get more points to unlock new equipment. Really Great Game for the price!

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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Icon
Amazing RTS game!
by Gabriel388, Australia - Apr 20th 2014

Very well made game with good graphics and gameplay. Runs well on IMacs current version with all settings maxed out at highest resolution. Fun to play. Campaign has a lot of options to make your army stronger. Also you get to choose which missions to go on, about 3 options at a time. Cutscenes are Amazing. Played the original Starcraft and this was truly an improvement. Will get Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm expansion pack when I finish Wings of Liberty.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition Icon
Incredible Turned Based Game!!!
by Gabriel388, Australia - Apr 20th 2014

Incredible game. The graphics are just simply Amazing. Gameplay is also Amazing. Aliens are highly intelligent. The customisation options for your squad is so Cool. The different gear they can wear and use looks really great. The different locations where you fight the aliens are also very well done and designed. Also there are a variety of differerent missions to go on. One of the Best Visual Turned based games I have seen. I played the original XCom when it first came out on PC. This was an Incredibly Amazing Improvement.

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XCOM: Enemy Within Icon
Amazing Expansion Pack for Xcom Enemy Unknown Elite Edition
by Gabriel388, Australia - Apr 20th 2014

The upgrade definitely improves the Xcom experience. Makes the customization options for your squad even better. The graphics are Incredible. For sandbox mode where you are just going on missions to get more meld to customise your squad, the game really shines with this new expansion pack. A Must Get for any owner of the original game and and new purchasers of XCom Enemy Unknown Elite Edition. This Expansion makes the gameplay so much better!!!

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Aspyr Fantastic 3 Bundle Icon
Amazing Value!
by Gabriel388, Australia - Apr 20th 2014

This Bundle has incredibly good value to play these great games at an incredible price. Thank you Mac Game Store!

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