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A great game offering unique playing experience

I am an Israeli, a serious gamer, and an expert on the subject.
This game manages to combine three things:

- A great, highly addictive game
- A refreshing approach
- An accurate description of the up-to-date situation in the Middle East.

I like this game for many reasons. At first I was skeptical and only downloaded the demo version, but quickly upgraded.

Instead of overloading the player with irrelevant (and boring...) historical facts, the game conveys the situation in the middle east as is, currently, every day.

By playing both sides, the Israeli and the Palestinian, you get a new perspective on things.

Instead of going 'hey, why can't they resolve it', in this game I felt 'hey, what should *I* do next to resolve it?' - a unique playing experience, that carries on to every news report I currently see.

And the game is much fun, very well balanced. Highly recommended!

by badolina, USA - Apr 12th 2007
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