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Sometimes all you need is the sound

Some games are satisfying, not for unique play (match 3 is a match 3 after all) but because the sound effects are so satisfying. I have no idea why they chose the sound effects they did, but it works and can be very cathartic after a long day. :)

by Jennifer Vail, USA - Jan 24th 2013
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Finished the Demo

Just finished the demo and it was one of the few games I was sad to see get cut off. I will have to buy it. Fun mix of poker hands, card stealing from opponents and rpg elements. The tutorials are all pretty easy to follow, and it is easy to re do a fight if you fail to defeat your opponent. I look forward to see where the plot of the game takes me...

by Jennifer Vail, USA - Sep 14th 2011
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Beautiful Puzzles!

I enjoy puzzle games with a bit of a plot, and I'm not sure what I was expecting when I downloaded the Demo, but I was quite impressed with it right off the bat. The game itself doesn't explain much about the "plot" but the puzzles more than make up for it. They are puzzles of differing levels and variations from around the world. Most of them you have probably encountered in one form or another usually in a stretch your mind setting at school.

The refreshing thing about this game is that it makes no bones about being a puzzle game. The first thing you do is click on a desk and the the puzzles are off and running. The plot is light and begins to get intriguing around the third "chapter" (set of puzzles) or so.

I downloaded the demo and played for nearly three hours after the demo expired. I am only about half way through. Definitely worth it.

Wish there were more pretty puzzles like this out there (but the ones I do have all came from here, so thanks Mac Game Store!).

by Jennifer Vail, USA - Jul 16th 2007
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