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Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold

Classic Style! Brings back Memories of Point and Click Adventure Gaming

If you don't know who Sierra and LucasArts are or what got them started, Due to being born in the 90's or not having a PC. It was classic point and click adventure games like this one! If I didn't know this was a tribute to the golden age of adventure gaming i'd think this came directly from it. Collecting inventory, creating little inventions and pin pointing when and where to use everything you gather. THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A PIXELED LOOK as to take back the veteran adventure gamers to a time when Indiana Jones FOA, Day of The Tentacle, Kings Quest, and more were top of the shelf, and sooo much fun...!! Yes this game even captures the humor and time displaced background objects of Monkey Island. Very entertaining for people who remember the days of true point and click adventure before these silly hidden object games. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's episode based and I don't like having to wait for episodes, especially not for this unless its a sequel. But all in all I will definitely be grabbing episode 2..

by Razdin, USA - Mar 24th 2013
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The Walking Dead


If you're a fan of everything Walking Dead I HIGHLY recommend this game. It completely captures the emotional and survival aspect of the show. It will definitely leave you wondering if you made the right decisions in certain situations. The atmosphere is amazing. The art work and graphics were tailored to a drawn comic book feel and wonderfully done. Great soundtrack. Replay value is there to do things differently. TellTale did an excellent job on coming through on such a highly anticipated game. With out a doubt I would jump on another series!! 10/10

by Razdin, USA - Mar 9th 2013
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Hotel Collector's Edition


Had a okay storyline, great environment, and I always enjoy classic point and click inventory based adventure style games.

Game was fairly easy and seemed to be setup from scene to scene with everything you need. Not very challenging.

Definitely not "Gabriel Knight" but mildly entertaining..

by Razdin, USA - May 23rd 2011
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This game has a style unlike any other I've played. Beautiful detailed hand drawn feel which gives the game a whole new ambience. Very classic adventure based with a inventory system yet there was a balance of novice to challenging brain puzzles mixed into the flow of the story. It was very interesting to follow visually from what the robots were thinking and feeling.

Only wish it had a little more freedom of exploration and use of its inventory system over brain puzzles as to not get stuck for hours on one task. Not a lot of back story but I think thats part of the magic that lets your own imagination run on this one. Well worth the money. Ill definitely look forward to a sequel or two.

by Razdin, USA - May 22nd 2011
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Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World

Very Nice

Im definitely a fan of classic point and click adventure games. Now that we are in a new age it's great to see a company utilizing the advancements toward a game like this. Had a lot of humor and semi difficult puzzles, modern day Space Quest feel to it, yet I really enjoyed the original story setting, multiple character play and wonderful visual art. Only complaint is it seemed a tad short but I'll be looking forward to a sequel.

-Bring back adventure games!

by Razdin, USA - May 10th 2011
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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Two extreme thumbs up!!

The first computer games to capture my imagination were Adventure genre. LucasArts - Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones TLC, and FOA. Sierra's Space Quest, King's Quest, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Gabriel Knight. It's so refreshing and exciting to think they could be revamped for the times and return for the fans and new generations alike..

This was done really well and includes voice, Im all over LeChucks Revenge.

Bring back adventure gaming!!! *****

by Razdin, USA - May 5th 2011
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