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Kinda boring

I love old school turn-based RPG, but this one is rather simplistic and gets monotonous fast. Fight battles, collect gold, upgrade forces, grab some artifacts…and then do it all over again in that order and again and again…

Battles too are same over and over because your forces are always put onto the board in the exact same places and you can't have more than one unit with the same kind character (knight, archer, etc). It is also kinda sad when one of your weakest units (peasants) turns out to be one of the strongest just because of sheer numbers.

Plus the game is not very long…I was shocked when it ended so soon.

by Tabascocat1, USA - Mar 5th 2015
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Northern Tale

Excellent time management game

This game is in the best spirit of time management games. Not only to do you have to run around like crazy to beat the clock but you have to strategize the order you are going to do things, how many resources you are going to need and therefore what building to upgrade, etc to get 3 stars on every level. Each level builds in different challenges and new types are introduced as the levels progress so it doesn't get boring!

by Tabascocat1, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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