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Super time management game with strategy ... a nail biter, at times!
by catheriam, USA - Oct 19th 2015

I love a good strategy filled time management game (sadly there are less and less of them, still waiting for Roads to Road 4 or similar) and this one had been trying at least six times in the more advanced levels. Even had to go to YouTube for some strategy hints! Definitely worth the price, IF you like time management games. NOTE: There is no relaxed mode.

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Please, Alawar! How could you?
by catheriam, USA - Dec 19th 2013

I literally lasted 3 minutes on the Demo before exiting in disgust. Perhaps I have been utterly spoiled by the Roads of Rome and Royal Envoys series, but this imitation game of blocky graphics and uninspiring characters is far from any form of flattery!

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Admitedly lovely game and okay music … but the directions! Euw!
by catheriam, USA - Sep 26th 2013

Alawar is a good studio but gosh, what the heck with this Match 3 game? I stick to Time Management, Match 3 games and ace 'em all on timed/challenge levels, but I finally gave up midway through The Snow from sheer exasperation. The challenge mode "make a picture" befuddled me! Look, I give full marks to enchanting magickal graphics, but 'beautiful' only goes so far. I expect the game to keep me enthralled but not confused. Just missed the boat on this one, Alawar. I may even (and this rare) request a refund.

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Seems a compilation of many other games with little plot or challenge
by catheriam, USA - Feb 2nd 2013

Although the levels did progress in difficulty, I found virtually no incentive in the structure of the game. I bought it one dark and wintry night figuring I could while away a few hours and … I whiled a few hours. I am a big fan of smart, challenging Match 3 and Time Management games and this game was neither. In addition, the later levels had a nasty, inch long spider making sudden appearances to add a chain to a square and a couple of times, I really jumped! Not a fan of the eight legged beasties. Well, I finished the game and could honestly give it a "3" (it was ok), but in reflection, Mystika was a mistake.

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Amazing and enthralling time management series
by catheriam, USA - Aug 19th 2012

Roads of Rome, Roads of Rome 2 and Roads of Rome 3 are the most enthralling series of time management games I have ever played. The first Roads of Rome time management game had me stumbling, fumbling and frustrated as I attempted to "get under the Expert wire". "No", I would yell at my Mac screen, "can't happen, no way, too hard!" Well, I eventually got the rhthymn of the game, remembered to pick my berries when my workers had a spare moment, build my Storehouses for those all-important extra resource points, and, literally, manage the worker's time. Here's an odd thing: I found when I was in full throttle game play but broke for lunch or chores, I would zip right through those suckers. I mean, I was a multi-taking whizz and tasks in my own home got nailed down and shut up tight with blinding speed. Anyone else experience the phenomenon, where Art literally imbues life? In closing, I cannot for the life of me understand the low rating of the Roads of Rome under the Time Management head. Cutesy salons, coffee shops, ditzy girly games? Dunno, folks, I sense the imminent Dumbing of Time Management games! I plead for a Roads of Rome IV or at least a Time Management game which displays a similar respect for the player. I found music and graphics decent, workers drawn rather anonymously but then, Roman workers WERE anonymous. Possible to have a few centurions or other authority figures sprinklered at key moments within the game itself? Minor quibble - this game ain't broke, don't fix it, must make more!

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