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Prince of Persia

A bit repetitive, but funny

Nice action game using similar mechanics to the "main series".
Graphics are appealing and the game is very easy to play, almost relaxing: there is not that much to think, you have just to be fast and to time your jumps.
It can get repetitive since in the end you keep doing the same stuff over and over, but this also means that you can leave it aside for weeks or even months with no consequences: play it again for ten minutes and you will be soon back in action. The controls are perfect.

Nice story, nice feeling between the two main characters. The sword fighting is a bit bizarre, as is the fact that you literally cannot die. However it is a very good game if you like the genre.

by Welleran, Japan - Apr 19th 2017
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The idea seems nice, but the game doesn't work with 10.6.8 (crashes on the main screen)

by Welleran, Japan - Jun 16th 2013
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