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It could have been so much more… -_-
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 25th 2014

SimCity is a franchise in which I had a lot of faith. From the earlier renditions I used to play as a child to the more recent simcity4. It seemed they had everything going for them and things could only get better. How wrong I was.

Simcity (2013) took a massive step backwards in terms of development. Yes, the graphics are outstanding, Yes, there are more features and a newer feel to the game … Yet I couldn't help feeling this lacked the classic simcity charm.

I could go into the exact reasons why I feel this is but i'll stick to that fundamental point (i'm sure you've all heard about it via youtube etc.)

If you are looking for a new simcity game as you've played the previous ones to the points of sheer boredom - Purchase
If it's on sale and you want to see for yourself if the thousands of dissapointed gamers are being to judgemental - Purchase
If you are looking for an in-depth, engaging and time consuming game, stick to CIM or something with more soul.

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Simple, Suave, soulful
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 25th 2014

It's a rare occasion, when a simple and straightforward game can engage a player to the very end.

LIMBO has acheived this.

Simplistic and minimalistic, yet at the same time charming and elegant.

Worth the asking price hands down.

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by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 25th 2014

Great game, for all genders, ages and gaming preferences.
I'm a male 21 year old with a preference for strategy and 4x style games. Yet I still find great joy in opening up The Sims 3 and watching the utter randomness the sims has to offer. You could play it seriously … Get a job, aquire a partner, build your house from scratch and have a succesful family…….. Or you could lock your sims in a windowless room until they wet themselves, force them to hurl insults at every passer by causing the town to hate them, all while standing in their urine soaked underwear on the verge of starvation.

The choice really is yours, and that's one of the main unique selling points of the game.

I would recommend to anyone who could do with a good laugh !!

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For those who enjoy being hated.
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 24th 2014

Like most polititians in a modern democracy, owners of this game are undoubtedly hated.

The members of the public are impossible to please, one group dislike the way you tip-toe over crime, so you introduce the death penalty, this annoys another group, so you introduce more power to the unions, this upsets another group, so you raise road tax, this upsets another group, so you ……….. you get the picture.

A very detailed and well thought out game, I have never played the previous democracy's so this was a first for me, and safe to say i'm impressed. I'll be honest, I haven't a clue what i'm doing !! Yet the experience is still satisfactory and enjoyable. There are many policies you can introduce or abolish, many sliders to adjust how much effort/money goes into them, many variables to take into account and many things that can go wrong. I barely scrape through a term, on the cusp of being elected out of office , yet I shall replay and change my tactics slightly to find the initial problem solved…… yet now I have 100 more to deal with!

Highly recommended.

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Fun, but lacks complexity.
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 3rd 2014

This game had me hooked from the start, mainly due to it's easy to use UI and a rewarding feeling when setting up the perfect routes. However, as a fan of more in depth strategy games I feel this lacked complexity, after around 15 hours of gameplay you have worked out the optimal way of setting up routes, and playing a game on the hardest difficulty becomes an absolute breeze. However, don't take this negatively, I have still had many hours of enjoyment, more so as a rewarding simulator than a challenging strategy game.

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Excellent !!
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 3rd 2014

I stumbled across this game on sale while I was searching for a casual game to take up a few hours. I noticed the sale price in comparison to the original and thought it desrved a look at. I watched a couple of youtube videos, to see if it was a title worth investing in, and after deciding to take the plunge I was NOT dissapointed. Safe to say that casual few hours turned into many, many more.

This game has enough complexity to keep you engaged for a long time , yet the UI and tutorials give you enough of a headstart to be able to jump right into a game. It will screw you over the first couple of playthroughs, it's bound to as it has so many options and variables, but after a few games you will start getting the hang of it and know where to focus your research and how to optimize your military and star systems. It has enough micro-management for your actions to have an effect on gameplay, yet not over the top so as to lead your focus away from defending your systems and advancing on victory conditions.

If you are a fan of the civilization series, or anything along those lines, do not glance over this game. I grabbed it on sale for $5 however now having played it I would've paid $30 without hesitation !

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Okay. Nothing more.
by monkeynutsmatt, United Kingdom - Sep 3rd 2014

Having sunk a few hours into this I left feeling pretty dissapointed. It striked me as a solid concept and the sale price of $10 made me purchase outright without doing much resarch into the game. Something which I rarely ever do !! In hindsight I wish i'd watched a let's play or a WTF is.

It's essentially a very basic simulation, stripped down the the bare minimum of mechanical engineering. A true mechanic will see this game as laughable as it feels very much like a simulator for young teens. After a few hours gameplay things got rather tedious, clunky controls and repetitive gameplay left me with nothing more than a feeling of … meh. The game however is very asthetically pleasing, even on low settings it has a very nice look to it.

To conclude, if you're looking for a basic game to take up a couple of hours, why not go for it, but if you're looking for a fluent game to hold your interest each time you open up steam, I doubt Car Mechanic Simulator will be the one you choose.

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