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Reviews by DogPoo

Postal Icon
Time for an update.
by DogPoo, USA - Aug 8th 2015

The game stopped working when I updated the operating system. I hope they plan to fix this...

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Aero's Quest Icon
Try Demo First
by DogPoo, USA - Jun 21st 2015

I can't rate this game because the performance is too poor, even though I have met the minimum requirements. I use a Macbook Air 3, 2, but can run Bioshock, Arkham Asylum and The Darkness 2 with little trouble, but this game simply doesn't run, no matter if it's windowed, and set to 'LOW' - is still shows litterally three frams per second. Too bad to - this game supports an Xbox controller - one thing I am always looking out for.

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Soulless Icon
How's this happen?
by DogPoo, USA - Feb 21st 2015

There is no excuse for a game this bad. At least there's a demo you can try it out, and see how bad it is.

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Drawn: The Painted Tower Icon
Far from great...
by DogPoo, USA - Aug 31st 2014

This game is not so remarkable - there's much better games out there. I feel no great need to put too much effort into it.

Also, there is something wrong with the icon. It's not showing the proper one, like the other two in this series,

It's just a weak, half-a**ed game all around. At least fix the darn icon!

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Gods Will Be Watching Icon
I'm not hearing good things about this one...
by DogPoo, USA - Aug 19th 2014

This game is not a point-and-click adventure, I'm told. It is very hard and not for everyone.

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Nearwood Collector's Edition Icon
Macbook Air, 3, 2; OS X 10.9.4
by DogPoo, USA - Aug 6th 2014

My 2011 MBA runs at 1.9 GHz, below the system requirements. There were no performance issues, and the fan did not come on right away. Sometimes when the system resources are stained a bit, the computer heats up a lot. That was not the case here; there are no problems to report.

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Frantic Icon
Nothing to see here, folks...
by DogPoo, USA - Jul 20th 2014

This is a game that should be removed from any host site. It is very poor, and only serves to give the place where is was bought from a bad name.

If, however, you need a lesson in horrably bad FPSs, then here is a way to waste some of your drive space.

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Prehistorik Icon
by DogPoo, USA - Jun 2nd 2014

Great trough-back to the'Conk' Sega CD days!

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut Icon
I don't know what to think...
by DogPoo, USA - Jun 27th 2013

I would like to get into this game. It's huge (14.57GB), and would keep me busy for quite a while.

But the performance on my Macbook Air 3,2 (OS X 10.6.8) is very poor - even when all rendering option are set to their lowest.

It is basically on of those click-here-to-move games that I don't particularly like to begin with.

My Macbook Air heats up very fast, and I don't think it was meant to handle something like this.

If your computer can handle this with no trouble then I do think it would be worth your while.

My best bet may be to just delete this, and get something a little less draining on system resourses.

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Icon
Issues resolved...
by DogPoo, USA - Jun 26th 2013

I use a Macbook Air 3, 2 OS X 10.6.8

This title did not initially work when I first installed it, but after I re-installed the fixed version, I had little more trouble with it.

I have this game for my Original Xbox, and this version that I installed on my Macbook Air is better. The first thing I noticed was that there are more options in creating your protagonist; two more species are available here, with many more variations of each species' characteristics.

I cannot say why this version is better looking than the Xbox version because I do not know what rendering options are used for the Original Xbox. All I know is that I can set all the rendering option of this version all the way up, and it looks better with no performance issues.

The cheat codes for this title are the same as in the PC version, for those wanting to know. But if you use the All Force codes, you will get stuck between levels because you cannot select Force powers that are already maxed out; if you cannot upgrade Force powers, you cannot move to Weapon Select and begin the next level.

I had trouble with my USB Xbox 360 controller. It uses independent drivers, and that may be why it doesn't work. I otherwise cannot say how well any other controller might work.

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Back to the Future: The Game Icon
Very well done...
by DogPoo, USA - Jun 26th 2013

I see there are some issues with controls that some had. I used an app that binded key commands to a USB Xbox 360 controller, and had no trouble at all.

Of the other Telltale games (such as Monkey Island, Jurassic Park, Hector, Puzzle Agent, etc.) This title is among the most likable, with so much going for it.

The voice acting here is surprisingly good; the voices sound just like the actors in the Back to the Future movies (I checked the credits - they are not the original, but are very good impersonators).

The episodes are not very long, though the same can be said about all the other above-mentioned Telltale titles. But given that all five episodes are here, these is little cause to complain about length.

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Tiny & Big in GrandPa's Leftovers Icon
by DogPoo, USA - Feb 22nd 2013

Nothing great going on here. This title is average and unremarkable in absolutely every way.

And it is a puzzle game more than anything. The object seems to be moving blocks around a seriously uninspired landscape to - and you'll love this (not) - get to a pair of pants. If there is any more to this game, I got bored and quit before I got to it. This game is $9.99 (my good luck to have "found" it on sale. What would be better than paying $9.99 for this game? Anything, anything at all.

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Torchlight Icon
by DogPoo, USA - Feb 16th 2013

I had high hopes for this game because some reviewers for Gameloft's Dungeon titles mentioned this game as being even better.

I wish I'd known that it was one of those "Let-click-here-to-move games." Hate those! I was hoping for a Hack-n-Slash, but got... this...

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CreaVures Icon
One of the good ones!
by DogPoo, USA - Feb 10th 2013

I have this game for my iPad, as well as for my Macbook Air. The environments are very rich and surreal; vivid, almost florescent imagery. It is otherwise a creative, side-scrolling puzzler. I have not completed the game, but I am in the phase of the game where I can switch between two glowy-like creatures that have unique, respective abilities that will allow the gamer to progress through the story. If you've seen either of the Trine series, then you will have a good idea of what the graphics are like in this game. I do believe this title is available for consoles too, such as Xbox Live.

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Postal 2: Share The Pain Icon
Always wanted this...
by DogPoo, USA - Feb 1st 2013

Postal was the first game to really pull all the stops while pushing the edge of the envelope. Postal 2 was the first FPS to really do the same. With the cheat codes, I get just what I really, really want in a game - an uninterrupted kill! Kill! Kill fest...

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