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My Kingdom for the Princess III Icon
Too many negatives to give a higher rating
by JRPV, Canada - May 20th 2014

I like this series, but unlike the 'Roads of Rome' series and other similar games, Nevosoft hasn't clued into the fact that there are those of us who would like to see a 'relax' mode so we're not stressing over the clock on those days we just aren't that energetic. Also, there really isn't much of an improvement over the last version, other than a few cosmetic changes. The third knock I have against this one is there is a glitch in the program, in that the topmost part of the screen is cut off, so you can't read how much gold you have - you just have to guess - and no, it's not my computer as I have no problems with the 40+ other games we have from MacGameStore and have no problems like that with our screen.

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Machines at War 3 Icon
Don't buy this if you already have Land Air Sea Warfare
by JRPV, Canada - Feb 18th 2014

This game isn't anything really different than Machines at War 1 or LAS Warfare, both games the developer put out a few years ago. This is simply a re-decorated LAS Warfare, with no significant improvements to speak of that would justify the developer essentially asking us to buy the same game a second time.

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Druid Kingdom Icon
by JRPV, Canada - Jun 23rd 2013

If you liked the 'My Kingdom for the Princess' games, you'll find the graphics in this one even better. I would have liked to give this game a better rating, but there are some real problems with it that I believe the developer should fix.

For example, they have characters pop up in the middle of a level, and while you're trying to run around as quickly as you can to get everything done, the developer sees no problem with having these annoying speech bubbles pop right up over the areas you want to go to, so that you can't get there until their pointless yammering is over with, killing precious time.

Also, you're not told to be sparing with spending your points you gain, which you will need to use to open further levels along the way. Don't do what I did the first time out and spend all your points before you get to a higher level. Otherwise you've got to play and play and play and play….the first levels you've already done, just to get enough points to open the next levels. A real waste of time. If you do happen to do that, just do what I did and erase your profile and start over which is a LOT faster.

Overall, I think the developer made a couple of huge blunders with this game. Too bad, as their My Kingdom for the Princess were so good.

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Royal Defense Icon
Ridiculously hard
by JRPV, Canada - Apr 14th 2013

Okay, so I'm not any sort of games expert, and I'm only playing on the easy level, but the degree of difficulty ramps up so quickly that it's become impossible to move on to the next level.

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Torchlight Icon
Great game!
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

If you liked Fate, you'll love Torchlight. Very easy to learn and play, and the various levels are just what they promise: easy as pie for beginners to hard-core-impossible for people like me who aren't expert gamers by any stretch of the imagination. My Mac Mini is connected by HDMI to my 47" HDTV, and sitting four feet from the screen with the lights out is quite amazing, as the graphics in Torchlight are fantastic!

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Be a King: Golden Empire Icon
Nice little game to pass time
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

Experienced gamers probably will be bored silly in no time, but I actually like this little game. Be a King is sort of a cross between tower defense and city building types of games.

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Lost In Night Icon
Great Match 3 Game!
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

This one should win an award for best, relaxing music of any game. I really like not being stuck to one style of board as this one offers both a grid of squares and a grid of hexagons which makes the game a bit more interesting. One of the best Match 3 games I've played yet.

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Fishdom 2 Premium Edition Icon
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

Much better than the original Fishdom, which had no relax mode in it. This game does, and if you liked the other Fishdom games, you'll love this one.

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Battleship Icon
Gets old real fast
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

Very faithful rendition of Hasbro's original board game, but after playing it for a few days off and on, it quickly becomes very redundant and boring.

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iBomber Defence Pacific Icon
Developers don't know the meaning of easy/med/hard levels
by JRPV, Canada - Mar 11th 2013

I play both this game and the earlier version on the easiest level, but even then it gets ridiculously hard as you go further into the game. I may not be the best gamer out there, but the developers of iBomber Defense obviously don't know what the term easy means. I won't even bother to attempt the harder levels as even the easy level becomes frustratingly hard as you move further into the game.

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Oil Rush Icon
Not so great after all
by JRPV, Canada - Jan 30th 2013

Game starts out reasonably well, but once you move onto harder levels, it just gets ridiculously hard.

Runs good on Mac Mini though. After adjusting the game setting to a little less demanding setup, Oil Rush runs flawlessly on my Mac Mini, 2.7 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB.

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Dream Chronicles Icon
Pixel Hunting At Its Finest!
by JRPV, Canada - Jan 30th 2013

I have all five of the Dream Chronicles series, and really enjoy this genre. Sort of reminds me of the old Myst & Riven games I had a few years back, although much, much easier to work through. With that being said, there are two major flaws in these games. The first is that there is no (as far as I could find) color-blind assist option, and as color plays a significant role in many of the puzzles, it was impossible for me to figure many of them out without help.The second problem, which also may be color related - although I can't tell - is that the developer turned a hidden object game into a pixel hunting nightmare, as objects are often quite impossible to see, so you end up clicking like mad until you eventually stumble on something. No hint button is offered either, except in only one game in the series (can't recall which). Overall a great series of games, even if they are a little frustrating at times.

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Fishdom Icon
No relax mode!
by JRPV, Canada - Sep 30th 2012

Not everyone wants to play against a timer all of the time. Some of the Fishdom games have a relaxed mode, but others don't.

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