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Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla

Tesla game fun, with minor issues

This is the one of the first hidden object games I've played. Tesla's Legacy is enjoyable, but some parts feel rough around the edges. In a few of the explanation scenes, characters are missing while their dialogue is happening onscreen. In one instance, a character appeared only after his conversation had ended, but he stayed there/ blocking the screen, hiding part of the puzzle I was attempting. I also noticed one or two typos in the puzzles, which I would usually overlook, but when you're searching for a "tube", and really should be looking for a "tuba"...

At one point I spent several minutes working out the solution to a puzzle, but it never activated the way it should have. I looked up the game's website, but it's all in Russian, so I couldn't contact anyone regarding this glitch.

Overall I like the feel of the game and way it builds up the mystery around Tesla's strange inventions and theories. At times the music is far enough in the background to blend in with the other sounds and/or dialogue, but sometimes I found it grating, and ended up turning it down, making it barely audible. Perhaps a little more variety in the sounds and music might have worked better.

by Dave Johnson, Canada - Sep 20th 2009
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