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A Good Try
by MasterK, USA - Jan 20th 2007

I really appriciate what Tricky Software is trying to do with Armado, however, I wish they had taken some more time to work out it's implementation. Tricky Software is trying to bring a classic platformer to mac, and it succeeds in many ways. However, it's gameplay is marred by several shortcomings. In the gamplay department, Armado is a jump and run side scroller-except that it is in 3D. This may sound good, and it is, to a point. Stomping enemies is great fun, but the combat is slow and erronious. You have to jump about a second too early in order to hit an enemy. Another low point is that it doesn't take full advantage of its 3D engine. Instead of taking the time to make a full 3D platformer, Armado can only move forward and backward, taking a lot of depth out of the game, and I was fully unaware of what most of the power ups did. Although there is combat, most of my deaths were caused by the slow erronious jump system. The level design is boring and repetitive do to the lack of possibilities afforded by the simple circular climbing aspect of the game. Ditto goes for the graphics, the 3D engine makes good colorful backgrounds, but going around in circles isn't veryfun to watch. The sound is, once again boring and repetitive, with a few effects and a quiet tune playing in the background. Overall, I am glad this game was made as a forray into mac. platforming, but for a real jump n' run, download Supertux absolutely free at mac game files instead of spending money on something worse.

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Great Game, Needs Power
by MasterK, USA - Dec 28th 2006

Civilizations 4 is a wonderful, fun, immersive, addictive game that is a highly reccommended buy, if you have the system to run it. In this game, you run your civilization down to the nitty gritty. You can negotiate with leaders, explore on ships, discover science and settle the world, from the dawn of man to the space age. Every feature works perfectly, and the interface is great. Expanding borders is great fun, and although war is a key feature, this is also a simulation. However, this game has one big problem: system requirements. At first, I was knocked off my feet by its requirement of 3.5 GB of hard disk space, but I decided to order it anyway. To those with full disks, it actually only takes about 2.9 GB if you only drag the civ 4 folder to your hard drive. However, the game also requires a 64 MB graphics card. Although the graphics are decent, they are somewhat lacking in detail, and my 32 MB card was abe to handle almost every game I threw at it. However, if you really flip for this game, I found that my 32MB card could handle it, at the cost of scroll speed on the map and warrior animations in battle. I wouldn't approach it with a 16 MB. If you can run it, get it. If you can't, dont, but either way, this is a great, addicting, fun, easy to learn game that will appeal to everyone.

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Pigllionaire Icon
The Gimmicky Money Puzzle
by MasterK, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

Although the "cute" and "money " aspects are mostly gimmicks, the game is a lot of fun as a puzzler. You must match up rows of the same color and shape gem to blow them up. There is a generous distribution of power ups, and the push of the gems gives it an action-packed, fast paced feel, and makes it challenging and fun.

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Why is it Free?
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

Fish Tycoon is a basic, beginners simulator. It works in every element, but it is very simple, and, as with all real time games, slow. The sound is boring. It is a good intro to simulators, but the free web version is enough to get a beginner started. Afterwards, you would be better off getting a Sid Meyer or Will Right title as a keeper.

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Shoot the Sea
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

Lazer dolphin is obviously designed to be a fun, exciting adventure. It succeeds in some respects, and fails in others. The gameplay is somewhat lacking in control, and the underwater interface is fairly boring. However, the gameplay department has some extreme fun in the stunts. You can race down to the bottom, build momentum, and do extreme flips. The graphics are as good as you can hope for, but, the environments are monotonus, and I feel that the game would have fared better in 3D. There is some music, but the overall shortcomings keep this game in the lower range.

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Marble Blast Gold Icon
Shallow Fun
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

To be simple, this game is a lot of fun to play. It is bright, colorful, and played to a catchy tune. Although it is somewhat easy to plummet into the oblivian, you get infinite retries anyway. Overall, it is a nice, solid game, it just is a little light on the gameplay.

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Democracy Icon
Micromanagement, Micrographics.
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

This is one of those games which kind of reminds me of the old classics like Oregon Trail (by the way staff, there is a mac oregon trail that would make a great addition to your listing) It has very fun interface, designed as a point and click game where you attempt to manage all the different problems that are constantly happening, and do what you want, but still keep the people happy. My only complaints, and they are somewhat large, are the virtually nonexistent sound track, and the simplistic graphics. Although the graphics are substantial for the genre, it would be nice to see pictures of what is going on. It would also be nice to have some background music. However, this game is a solid simulation, that doesn't get as bogged down in making money as other independant games do.

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Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Icon
Didn't like it
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game claims to be a charming, fun, kid-friendly little adventure. This game is a filthy liar. It has a very boring layout, psychodellic colors, and is no fun at all. While the levels themselves are painfully easy and generic, the bosses use a hopless interface.

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FizzBall Icon
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a very fun arcade game, with a collecting element added in as well. I have only played the demo, but I now wish to own this game.

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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa Icon
A lot of fun!
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a lot of fun to play, and is challenging and interesting, however it has short lasting appeal and the engine can be somewhat sporadic. The gem system used to build the landscape is somewhat random in how you get the gems, and the animals will die suddenly, however, they are easy to remake. Otherwise, this is a solid simulation.

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Lugaru HD Icon
fight to the death you bunny!
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

Lugaru is a fun, origional fighter. The battle system is creative. While it is good 3D, the graphics provide flat, textureless landscapes, and the trees ar rectangles with green on them. The levels have low replay value, but overall, it is fun while it lasts.

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Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures Icon
Worse than Bad
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a miserable failure in all accounts. While it claims to be "nonviolent family fun for all ages," it has age appeal similar to Bob the Builder: You need to be in that golden pocket where you're smart enough to navigate the awful levels, but dumb enough not to know that it sucks. The gameplay consists of shooting obscure blobs of light into worms, which turn into a puff of smoke. Each level is only one screen long, but it is long enough to make you die continually due to the confusingly simple controls, and the nightmarish design.

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Kid Mystic Icon
Too Simple
by MasterK, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is fun to begin with, but it's value rapidly decreases. It is masquarading as a Zelda style adventure, but it is really a random spell blasting game. The battle system is simple: press a button, and some flashy lights shoot out of your wand. Press it again and it shoots blue sparks. Repeat. The level designs are creative, but there is absolutely no skill involved. The graphics aren't bad, but they are somewhat disproportionate, and your character has absolutely no control over his movement. It is challenging simply because of the quantity of obscure enemies you must destroy before you die.

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Virtual Villagers Icon
Nice Try.
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

Virtual Villagers would be a good game, if it wasn't riddled by small problems. First, it runs in real time, which is neat, if you have the time to check on it every five minutes. I would come home, open it up, and find all my villagers dead. It takes a long time for a villager to do something however, so checks throughout the day are a necessity. My final complaint is the completely broken camera, which you must drag with your mouse. The main problem with this is that the camera goes in the opposite direction of the way you are pulling. It is good to see an independant developer try something besides diner dash, but overall it fails to please.

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Poker Superstars II Icon
Solid Poker
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

It is surprising how hard it is to find a good digital poker game. Most games seem distant, the bets are random, and you are playing against nobody. Poker Superstars fixes these shortcomings, making it a nice, fun game. Overall, it is very good, and very close to the real thing.

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