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Cleopatra: a Queen's Destiny Icon
Great game, but doesn't run on my new Mac
by springacres, USA - Oct 18th 2012

On my old Mac (which ran Snow Leopard) it was everything the other reviewers have said - lush graphics, engaging gameplay, and all in all a great investment. I just wish it ran on my new Mac, which has Mountain Lion - but the text doesn't display properly on the opening screen and to me that spells trouble for the game. Guess I'll have to fork over another $14.99 to buy it direct from Coladia so I can actually get updates when they become available. (Editor's Note: The game has since been updated on to the latest version).

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Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era Icon
by springacres, USA - Oct 14th 2012

Was fun to play on my old Mac, but on this new one (10.2.8 with Intel 4000 chipset) the graphics are so glitchy I didn't bother trying to get beyond the intro screen.

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Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe Icon
Even the demo isn't worth it.
by Maria Shank, USA - Jun 2nd 2012

Too many text glitches and low quality graphics for me to even consider buying it.

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Louvre - The Messenger Icon
Movement and animation not up to today's standards
by Maria Shank, USA - May 20th 2012

This game was first introduced to the PC some 20 years ago, and even then I could see issues with the animation and 3D modeling. I would have expected the developer to rework it, but from the screenshots provided it doesn't look like that happened. The sole redeeming feature, apart from the stunning background graphics, was that the game provided an opportunity to learn a bit about French history, and the history of the Louvre in particular. But it's still not worth the purchase price.

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Eschalon: Book I Icon
Great gameplay, but please update to the latest version
by springacres, USA - Mar 5th 2012

Game was fine for the first couple of days I played it, then white triangular patches started randomly appearing instead of graphics. I mentioned this on the manufacturer's tech support board and was told that the latest version should be 1.06 which supposedly fixes that. Redownloading through Mac Games Arcade just gives me 1.05 which is the version with the bugs.

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Avadon Icon
Well worth the price
by springacres, USA - Aug 6th 2011

I downloaded the demo and knew almost immediately I would have to buy the full version. The graphics are excellent, the mechanics are simple and the combat system is very easy to learn.

But all these would be nothing if there were no story to propel the game forward. There are aspects of it that are relatively linear, but overall the storyline feels very character-driven, and indeed the interactions and commentary by the 'ally' characters are one of my favorite things about the game. Each ally character has a distinct personality and history - as do many of the other NPCs - and the more you interact with them, the more they reveal about themselves. I haven't played many other RPGs, but that element more than any other is what convinced me to purchase the game.

I haven't managed to reach any of the endings yet, either - I'm having too much fun exploring the game world and developing my characters within it!

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Planet Horse Icon
Simple but enjoyable
by springacres, USA - Jul 18th 2011

The concept is pretty basic, gameplay is easy to understand and the graphics are overall very well done. I would however like to see some of the textures redone - the ear nets and saddles, in particular, end up looking like plastic. And I too would like to see a wider variety of breeds and have the choice of breed have more of an impact on the horse's abilities.

Having said that, I find it to still be a very enjoyable game. The fact that you can work on improving your horse's skills is something I had not found in previous horse sims (back when I owned a PC) and neither was the option for trail ride/endurance type competitions. I also enjoy the horse care aspect of the game - grooming before and after rides was always part of my routine when I rode, so it's extra nice when I can find that in a horse game too as it helps make the game more realistic.

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Icon
Interesting twist on the usual match 3
by springacres, USA - Apr 19th 2010

I found the game a challenge, and enjoyable overall. The one drawback, for me, was that Khufu's voiceover suggestions got old rather quickly and the only way to turn them off was to turn off the sound effects.

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