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About the Mac Ann game
by Cesar Camacho, USA - Aug 31st 2013

I was going to give this game a .03 of a star as a rating, but they do not have that. This game is a dud. Had it installed in several powerful computers, one with the best video card available, lots of memory, etc and still this game "locks-up" with no warning. I tried to play it through Steam also, to no avail. There is no technical support for this game anywhere. Do yourselves a favor, save your money: Do not buy this game.

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Not user's friendly
by Cesar Camacho, USA - Jul 26th 2013

This game is a good attempt to revive the glory days of computer gaming from a decade ago. They did not succeed in their purpose. The game is cumbersome, tedious, and boring, at least in the few minutes where I attempted to move forward. You spend twenty initial minutes listening to a boring conversation between a little boy and a detective. Things do not improve after that. After half hour of going no-where, I ditched it. A waste of money in mu view. Sorry!

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