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Patrician IV

A little underwhelming but still fun for some time

Since it was on sale and the last reviews were about one year old Idecided to give it a try.

The good:
- it has a flexible economy
- you can build your own buildings in the cities once you have enough reputation
- you can organize your fleets easily
- it's fun to play

The bad:
- it has long loading and response times, too long for a game like this
- there a graphical glitches here and there
- sea battles just feel wrong. Basically you watch ships circle around each other until one is „dead"
- all in all the game feels like it's in beta stage

To sum it up: It's a fun game for some time but it feels very unpolished and buggy. But I haven't run into anything gamebreaking yet.

by Dark Stanley, Germany - May 14th 2016
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Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition

Great Game

I just played through this game and had a blast. Here is…

…what I liked:
- you always have the choice: go in shooting everything, killing just the target silently or in public or be a ghost eliminating your target with an „accident" and escape unseen
- disguises: you can take anyones clothes and merge with your surroundings
- very detailed levels: you can find many lethal objects or observe npcs to find alternate routes or isolated areas for silent kills
- contracts: you can create your own contracts or play other peoples contracts in multiplayer to earn money
- high replay value because there are so many ways to finish a level

…what I disliked:
- the score system: you get points for everything you do but you can also get negative points for being spotted or killing non-targets for example. It makes sense but it also ruins the gaming experience somehow because it you always have to choose carefully who to kill and always hide every body just to stay at 0 points…
On the other hand, points don't really matter as there is nothing you get for them. You can still unlock everything by shooting through the levels.
- the disguise system is really cool but there is a drawback however. people with the same clothes can still see through your disguise. So if you wear a cop uniform you should still stay away from other cops as they will recognise you even from a large distance and alert their friends.
It may sound realistic but actually it makes disguises useless in some parts of the game.
- the checkpoint system: some levels don*t even have checkpoints at all. And if you load from a checkpoint all enemies respawn. Its like starting the level again from another point. You keep your items however.

All in all I think this is agreat game and really enjoyed playing it. I rate it 5 of 5 because the points I disliked are just minor annoyances.

If you like games like DeusEx i recommend buying this.

by Dark Stanley, Germany - May 28th 2014
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