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A Deliciously Addictive Arcade Game

At first glance, Fairies sounds as if it has a very simple premise - perhaps even too simple: drag colored rows of jars over a grid to create lines of three (or more) like colored jars, which then release the fairies trapped inside. However, Fairies is wickedly addictive despite this easy premise, because to add to this simple idea it sports wonderful graphics filled with fairy dust and beautiful art-deco-esque fairies, a relaxing sound score which doesn't get easily repetitive, and four different versions of gameplay, including a classic arcade, which is timed, a non-timed version, an "endless" version, in which jars keep replacing ad infinitum, and a sound and color matching game. Because of its inherent "arcade status" most gamers will probably not play this title for hours on end. But the game is refreshing, filled with eye-candy, and presents a good challenge to return to for many weeks of enjoyable play.

by Amelia Overbay-Day, USA - Aug 29th 2007
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