Reviews by Annamexy

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Icon
Cute (and fun!)
by Annamexy, Denmark - Jul 5th 2016

A very addictive matchmaking-game.
I love the simplicity and the eccentric characters.
The game is fun and addictive at first.
However, I find Kitty Powers' narrating to be annoying and am losing interest in the game after a while.

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Life Quest 2: Metropoville Icon
Addictive, but not forever
by Annamexy, Denmark - Oct 24th 2014

I'm very satisfied with my purchase of LQ2 - it's such a cute, fun game, and it provides many hours of concentrated fun.
However, it cannot keep you entertained forever, and after your first couple of playthroughs you lose the urge to play.
Certainly worth buying, but don't expect to keep playing for months without bore.

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Kudos 2 Icon
Great, but not perfect
by Annamexy, Denmark - Oct 24th 2014

The Kudos-series certainly provides some of the best and most simulation games out there. I'm a big fan of the interface and concept, which draws you in.

However, the game is very simple and after a while you find yourself slightly bored with repeating the same actions over and over. Also, I wish there were more options to costumize your characters.

All in all, a great life-simulation game, but not endlessly entertaining.

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