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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Icon
Excellent Game!
by SPvanG, Netherlands - Mar 22nd 2014

I absolutely love this game! I've played this game a lot with my 7-year-old son on our Nintendo Wii and bought this copy for my Mac to secretly practice. Feral Interactive made an excellent version for the Mac. It looks wonderful and runs pretty smooth on my late 2008 MacBook. If you are not familiar with the LEGO games, try one of the free demos. They are all basically the same: simple, fun and with a distinct sense of humor that works for all ages. This particular LEGO Game is special for its unique storytelling, its use of voice actors and the (optional) open world gameplay. Like all LEGO games, this game is most fun when played together using wireless controllers. But also if you don't own a set of gamepads and a kid, this game is very much recommended. It is worth its full price!

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North vs South Icon
Occasional casual game
by SPvanG, Netherlands - Mar 22nd 2014

I've mixed feelings about this game. This remake of a popular `90s game looks really nice, but plays terrible. The action segments used to be quite a lot of fun, now they are a pain because of how they reinterpreted those parts of the game. The original platform levels are replaced by boring shooting gallery segments, while the RTS(!) gameplay has new controls that just don't work. However, the turn-based „strategic" part of the game is an exact replica of the original and just as much fun. On the upside: if you don't mind skipping the „arcade" parts, this game works pretty good as a casual game. Get it on a discount, and you'll get your money's worth. I played this game far more than expected.

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LEGO Batman Icon
Lovely Game
by SPvanG, Netherlands - Mar 22nd 2014

LEGO games are funny, easy to get in to and never too challenging. This particular LEGO game has a lot of charm. For a game packed with super heroes and nasty villains, it is surprisingly lighthearted and non-violent. The Batman in this game reminds me of Adam West in the 1960s TV series, rather than Christian Bale in the Dark Knight movies. The amusingly campy feel works really well in this game. My kid slightly prefers this colorful game above its somewhat darker themed sequel (Batman 2 DC Super Heroes). It certainly is a very funny game and is irresistibly charming when played together. Recommended!

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Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (discontinued) Icon
Hard to Recommend: It's Great!
by SPvanG, Netherlands - Mar 22nd 2014

This is a special game. It is an updated version of Falcon 4.0 that originally came out in 1998, when I was still playing Falcon 3.0 from 1991. Falcon 4.0 Allied Force is one of those simulation games that actually seriously tries to emulate the 'real thing'. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to play this game without reading the manual first. The fact that its manual is a few hundred pages and comes with additional reference guides and maps must be a warning to all people who may mistake this game for a more casual game. I suppose this game is great, really great, but I am still (re)learning basic maneuvers and haven't actually succeeded in playing a single mission. I recommend this game wholeheartedly to everyone who likes the fun challenge to master a F16, as good as it gets for everyone lacking the actual skills of fighter jet pilot. Good luck! You will need it, and lots of practice. ;-)

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