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Mafia III Digital Deluxe Edition

Great Game... HORRIBLE on Mac!

I puchased this Game about a year ago... Since I was/am a Mafia II admirer (for the atmosphere) - I decided to give it a go. The first thing that struck me, was the horrendous driving-feel! It is COMPLETELY unusable on a Mac. would even say that it is ONLY for game-controler. And you can't change setting, for say keyboard. (in 2017! whot?!?!). Unfortunately: one spends 2/3 or more in the car(s)... and that is therefore a major bummer! And, also: some weirdo decided that we aren't allowed to -save game- (and, also - I really miss the garage - where you can store your pimped cars-collection). Nevertheless, I must say that they got me with their incredible City-Map. It is really amazing!!

On Mac - i dunno. Maybe on a steeep sale! like 5-10 $
Full Price? Yeah right.... not for me.

by R4Dt, Germany - Oct 4th 2019
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Torchlight II


It's funny;
I looked at the splash-screens, when the game was new... and though; naaah...
That looks cheesy.
...some days later, you had the game for $ 5 - so I gave it a go.

And, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! :D
- what a cool game!
It's basically Diablo I, with modern graphics.
Many things are "borrowed" from other -blizzard-games... but still, it totally stands on it's own!
A HUGE game! You can play this for DAYS!
- well, it's basically the same all the time. slash monsters. ; )
But it's a neat, adictive game.


by R4Dt, Germany - Feb 20th 2015
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


I'm living in Germany at the moment.
Therefore (for some DUBIOUS reason) I'm not alowed to play this Game!!

One can Buy CoD 4 in ANY Mac-shop! So why this?!?!?!

I even WANT the game solely in ENGLISH! (not the, usually, rediculously bad german version - albeit; it can be a good laugh!).
- I await an answer from

by R4Dt, Germany - Nov 28th 2014
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Extreme Roads USA

Incredible!!! ...B A D !

I'm not sure if it is 1st of August, or 1st of April today...
- S H A M E on you: UIG Entertainment!
That you have the GUTS to put a price-tag of FIFTEEN dollars for this software!!??

Heck, the trees look astonishingly well... but that's about it!
You gotsa be KIDDING me!

Steering of the truck is COMPLETELY useless!
(if you ONLY programmed for joystick, you better make a setting for KEYBOARD as well!!)
View-Controlls are a complete disaster!
(why 5 buttons for the same views? and heck, I need to be able to look REVERSE, no??)
No road, even i HELL would be as silly quirky as yours are!
(now, please make it a bit more real! - it's a simulator, right?)
The traffic is driving in -200mph, or did you tell them all to park on the roads...?

Oops. when I should arrive at the goal of the first level - craaaaash!
(1024 resolution on an iMac with 512 MB Vram! oh, please!!)


I could imagine that you are a little enthusiastic newcomer-team, that just are starting out.
Well - make sure that you don't SELL games that are like this, since you won't achieve ANYTHING by it! heck, wait for a few months and finish it of before selling it!

I REALLY wish I could have my money back...

by R4Dt, Germany - Aug 3rd 2014
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The Movies: Superstar Edition

Fine Simulation!

Lionhead sure knows how to do cool games! The Movies is pretty straight forward. Works well, although - I think it gets a bit tedious after a while.

Either I REALLY want to control EVERYTHING! - and there's no time for that, or I just want to get on to the "future" - but that's not good, unless one has succeeded well... so. It gets a bit to much after a while.

One of those games, though, that I always enjoy playing - even if for a short time.

by R4Dt, Germany - May 1st 2012
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Trainz Simulator 2010

Not bad... but???

I like the basic idea of this game alot! It's great.


If I would compare the GRAPHICS... and the speed to, let's say - a modern shooter-game, like "Call of Duty 4".. I just wonder ???

What the Heck?

Call of Duty is of course very far ahead... but - they set a standard that SHOULD be taken as "standard" by others.

This game's graphic-engine SUCKS MAJOR! It's not really advanced stuff going on, is it?

I would be VERY GLAD to see a update of this game - concerning this! And also - some better levels included. It is a game for SERIOUS "train-heads"!!!

- some levels are easier than others... but alot of em are quite advanced to say the least.

In any case worth the $20!!

Ah. I play on an iMac 2008 with 4GB RAM and a 128MB card. That's NOT a lot to brag with. The Game runs quite ok, when I adjust the settings. Adviced is a GraphicsCard OVER 256MB!! Best with a 1GB card!

by R4Dt, Germany - May 1st 2012
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